To Have And To Hold In The 1950’s

 Marriage in the 1950’s and 60’s – From “Yes I Do” to happily ever after.

A Walk Down The Isle in 1958 in Brazil

Long ago girls did not wait until after 25 years old to get married and they were expelled from college for marrying.  In the 1950’s girls were encouraged and pressured to get married young and they served their home as homemakers and mothers.  There was no need for them to go take a college education, their husbands were the providers of their homes. 
Vintage wedding gowns from the 1950’s  world war II era were made by seamstresses with an exceptional melange.  From character silhouettes to the textured façade laces, ruffles, weddings from the post war era reflected the actual fashion style, bride’s fashion manner and funds.

Pictures in topic shows a 1958 wedding of a beautiful bride and groom in Brazil. The bride wore a very pretty Vintage High Collar V Neckline Long Sleeve Lace Wedding dress and long ago girls wedding bouquet were made from fresh flowers.

Thank you for reading the beautiful piece of a “Walk Down The Isle”
(Please Note :  Pictures are not my property)
(Permission by “Valeria Wergles Cunha” of Brazil)

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