Fall Back, Spring Forward – Easter Gone, what next…?


It’s Waving Goodbye to Winter

009Easter has been and gone.  With March now coming to a close and spring having finally sprung.  I think it’s safe to say it is upon us.  The dust has settled after Easter, and many of us may have returned to our daily routine and back to normality.  

 As I passed by my local flower shop today, I picked up some Carnations for our home.001
 We had a “Katie Storm” over the United Kingdom on the night of Easter, and today the sun was shining in all its glory and I went out not forgetting my sunglasses.  Spring is my special time of year and I love it when walking past the flower shops with their pretty windows, and I love daffodils and tulips

003Oh yes,  it had been a sign of all things Spring, and everyone is en route to their local flower shops to pick and choose some beautiful blooms.  Whether it’s purchasing a center piece for the table or a basket of flowers.  Or a colorful bouquet to send away to a loved one.  Who wants to miss on the beauty that flowers can bring to our homes and family life.


002 It is the season for a walk in the park, or coffee with a friend in the open air cafe, listening to the birds who are busy building nests in the ivy on the fences or on branches of trees, or watching the pigeons that are picking on some pieces of food from a left over.  I even promised myself of visiting the farmer’s market because I love their sweet watermelon I dreamed about during the long winter.
Whilst I walked down some pebble lanes of a historical church, It had a few beautiful blossom trees that had been blooming along the lane.  And some gardens have even started to see some blooming flowers. 030
 026Well time has been fairly busy for me here as I have been spending all the days with the sewing and crafting.  I have managed to prepare cushions, curtains, table covers and here are just a few of those that have been done for the spring season. 
Thank you for stopping by for a read and let’s hope it is going to be a wonderful Spring season which will take us right to the hot shining sun of Summer.
I appreciate your little visits.  Thank you very much! 

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