“Our Forefather’s Heritage” and the “Latter-Day Mode de Vie”

Men have traveled a long journey to arrive where they are today.  Let us go way back to the centuries of our forefathers.  Most of them lived on farming and on the farms several generations lived together, and they did not have much to live on like we have today.  In modern living, most of us live in our own home and we can afford many things that can satisfy our family life.  We still have farmings as a way of life or we can call it a profession in today’s society that we embrace.  And actually many of us in one family alone can grow with good education and place ourselves in professional activities within the modern society which our ancestors and their children may not have had that great chance to abide. 


Should we judge the modern day lifestyle in having a good education, it is not an integrant of a cultured human life.  A cultured being and cultured life is foresee to carry with it more than all this.  To become a cultured being is very difficult and we have to keep one’s shoulder to the wheel to be elevated to accomplish it.

026Let us analyse both worlds. Our great parents did not have what they called computers, emails, fax, mobiles, science, technology and many more of what we consume in our a la mode world.  Since our great ancestors had rivers, lakes, trees, land, and their roads and air were cleaner than what we nurture in our modern society.  Their food was organic and they lived far from using unnatural force to grow their plants or make their animals give births.  Their communications among themselves were in a way better than we embrace in our latter mode-de-vie.  They were healthier and their means of transports were limited or they did not have them at all. They arrived quicker than we do to save a life.  And hence they had rick-shaws to what we called ambulances or paramedics.  They saved many lives and they believed in traditional herbal medicines that they abundantly possessed.  They did not have qualified doctors with diplomas, they did not have x-rays, scans to see what was happening inside their inner selves, and paracetamol was nowhere to be adhered, and more likely they lived over the ages of 80 years old, but in our modern society comprising of their technological robots that can detect of what is happening way inside our lively selves, many of us and our youths do not live to reach the age of 40 years old.  What is going on with the modern world, that our ancestors lived a happier life than we do?

031 OxcartSo we say and think that science and technology has set us across the board as we grandly swear, yet has regrettably through our own miscalculations, we have averted the delight and passions of living. The buoyancy in all this attempt and power been outmoded.

021 - 1994VanuHousesOur predecessors lived a cultured lifestyle and they were very cultured beings.  They knew better than us right from wrong. They were a very hard working ancient society and humbleness was their traits. They were noble and considerate. In our actual modern society there are many mentalities that lowers our ways of life. Many beings lives to believe that themselves alone should win and their neighbours must fall down.  Our great parents did not possess these types of characters that many of us practice in the modern society.  They did not live for themselves alone, but for others too.  If we have to judge our “ancient culture and modern lifestyle,” who can be called more cultured?

030 farmers of 1906Culture is the will of life and spiritual being and our ancestors knew this all along, but in our actual modern society, men have become too egocentric and selfish to others’ demands and curiosity.  Religion has lost its value in the thought of modern society.  Even in praying modern men shows the lack of sentiments and inner credence.  Throughout the land, near and far there are make-believe and masquerades, and this is what we call lifestyle of a modern society.   Our foregone parents believed in coherence, purity, confidence and trust!

028Our success is fundamental and what is more valuable is the advantage of the civilization we belong to. This would express disregard of one’s own self and additional solemn and melancholy unlike – and this is an arduous goal to verily frame before one.


Let’s allow our modern customs to emerge from their mirage of illustrations and fascinations and leave them to apprehend the merit and ethics of life.  Then only wisdom and moral can be of any hope for the betterment of social inheritance that we feel proud about and worth being proud of.


After all the world of our forefathers was original from where we live actually.  They plough the land to earn a living and their limited daily needs were enough for them to live happy.  They traveled in very slow carriages and they used water from the well or the river.  Their village life was surrounded by peace, quietness and tranquility.  They had them all what we don’t have today!           024

And questions that needs to be answered in today’s modern society and latter day mode de vie are : “have we become more cultured and civilized than our ancestors were? Or/and has Science, technology and modern lifestyle made us more cultured and civilized?

Look at us modern men and modern women, do we have mirrors?

(The thoughts and post belongs to me, please do not use them without my consent – Thank you)

11 thoughts on ““Our Forefather’s Heritage” and the “Latter-Day Mode de Vie”

  • Hi Diana, thank you for reading. I agree with your say. Back in the days there was poverty, but life was more understanding between men and families. Everything were probably organic. And they were hard working communities. Well we are actually almost into the 22nd century modern world, we never know what next to come! All we’ve got to do is “live life and be happy!”


  • Beautiful old photos and reflections. I think life was probably much harder back in those days. In the US anyway, people died younger, there was more poverty, and fewer human rights. But I do lament the decline we are seeing these days in “community,” especially when we have the means to live with compassion and generosity. Money has become more important than the health and happiness of our neighbors, and that’s really sad. I hope we recapture the value of community before it’s too late for all of us.


    • Well said Fallcorn1936, is very true, it is good to slow down sometimes, but in this society of which we live, men have become so egocentric. We are running to fast to nowhere without realising that slowing and taking some time to do it right would be best to reach our destination, but we have come to learn that men will never understand each other. Hopefully one day it will be a different world and some living ways of our ancestors may make justice for the humankind of this new society. Thank you for stopping by. Juli.


  • J’aime lire des histoires anciennes et je pense qu’ils dépeignent des personnages du temps passé. Une vie que nous ne pouvons même pas comparer à ce monde dans lequel nous vivons aujourd’hui. Ce monde réel est un endroit où les égards sont limités et c’est un monde qui, même si nous devenons éduqués, nous ne comprenons toujours pas les uns les autres. Alors que le monde de l’éducation de nos ancêtres était limité, s’ils n’en avaient pas, et que tout le monde vivait en harmonie, ils se comprenaient et tous les voisins se connaissaient. Aujourd’hui, nous vivons dans un univers où nous ne connaissons même pas nos voisins. C’est un monde avec un changement massif des modes de vie.


    • Chere Karra
      Il est en effet très vrai que le monde a changé massivement. Nous ne vivons pas dans le même monde où vivaient nos grands anciens parents. Le nouveau mode de vie ne correspond pas à la civilisation. Juli


  • Too many people in the world, and most of them want success (money, fame,
    instant recognition) and most of the richest ones do the least work.
    It wasn’t all hyacinths and clematis in the old days, but they stuck together.


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