Why I Implied With Social Media

Social media has become the affluence of the newsy world.

This is an unreal and phenomenal entity, an existent that rules to influence me, my friends and the a la mode world.  The reality about the internet is that it is a well-fed network of different platforms consisting of intelligent streams of humanity sending and sharing knowledge, all at unrestricted paces.

I love writing.  And when I seize that kind of moment to write, writing becomes an abscond for me.  Since I was a school girl, I would write stories in my own words after I have finished reading a book.  And by the time I was entering the teenager world, I was already practicing writings of short stories.  I felt so good when my English teacher told me how inventive my stories were and I felt overwhelmed and motivated to keep on writing. Until today, writing has moulded me into who I am.  “A savoir faire of unblended joie de vivre, morality, imagination and creativity.”

Social networking is a process of using my computer, ipad, smartphone and scribbling some ideas on paper.  It also gives me the priority to connect with other people, build friendships and search for tabloids to read the latest current affairs.  And that other folks and peeps can also search for me in return, I may end up reunited with long lost classmates, families, colleagues and friends alike.  Social networking is also the art of communicating with the outside world at the paces of my own home and on the go. 

Social media gives me the chance to Exercise of sending private messages to those with whom I am connected to.  It is always a virtue I should contemplate applying this alternative instead of disclosing exclusive knowledge on a communal glaring folio. 

005Our society enjoys reaching for others on blogs now that blogging has taken its toll in the media aspects of communication and sharing.  It has become one of the most beautiful and interesting online journals of all time.  And my involvement with the social media is to share the little fabric of my own world of what is happening at My Country Epoque.  I love sharing about my travel and anything I see interesting in the modern days of my life.  Like everyone else who shares their profession or passions on social media, I follow suite too by sharing some of my work that I love best –  crafting for interior decorating is one of my favorite bustle of daily passage of my life and sharing them with the rest of the world is my joy.  Sharing a bit of what I love doing at family level is another thesis that I would also write about on my blog.  The interesting aspects of social communication sees a networking globe that remains open for 24 hours that enables us to relate humanly with the natural sphere.

Since the telecommunication expansions have eventuated centuries ago, sharing our longhand globally is being a quotidian aspect actually.  It was kind of apparent that I’d travel into blogging I reckon.  The most popular social networking sites are face book, twitter, Google+, pinterest, Instagram and many more to name, plus blogging itself.  They are the several aspects of media with which I affiliate myself to share what I write.

Social Media is imaginative, creative and inspiring.  We cannot deny that it has become a playground with talented beings from all walks of life.  And blogging is one big community which is challenging the world with diverse activities from health, lifestyle, fitness, photography, home living, interior decorating, and many more to choose from if we are looking for what we want to read about.   I am not scared to say that I am part of this big playground. I enjoy quite a few blogs that I read about. Travel, home life, interior decorating, crafting, gardening, fashion, writers and authors, few more to name.  They are all unique in their own ideas of what they share to us.  I also like sharing my writings in my own fresh ideas. 

008And my blog is about “le passee of interior decorating, travel, family life and how we want to live in the sense of an epoch lifestyle with a modern touch.”  I also write and share other inspirations about various, miscellaneous and divergent concept of social impacts that pirouette around the scope of our daily life.

Since I joined the social media universe, I have achieved great experiences in the happenings of the outside world.  Blogging is fun, but it can also be fatal, depending what kind of posts or comments we share to the crowds.  People have lost jobs, sued, or jailed in infrequent cases where abuse have caused offences on social network.

Well you may have found yourself reading some blogs as well as mine today.  I am already guessing ideas of what topic to cover next!

I just want to wish you all a happy journey through the blogging world!

8 thoughts on “Why I Implied With Social Media

  • Il semble que tous les emplois dans cette vie d’aujourd’hui a besoin de la technologie. Je ne suis pas à l’âge de passer beaucoup de temps à utiliser la technologie. Je passe une partie de mon temps à lire certains aspects du monde occupé. Et plus maintenant que Blogging a pris quelques espaces dans la technologie, il est très intéressant et il ya quelques merveilleux blogs en ligne. Et quelques-uns d’entre eux m’intéresse très bien et j’aime les lire. Et l’humanité peut suivre ce qui se passe dans le monde. Vous avez fait un post très intéressant. J’ai bien aimé le lire.


    • Je vous remercie Karra
      La technologie a vraiment pris ses conséquences sur le monde. D’une certaine façon, ce n’est pas la santé, mais d’une autre façon, c’est la seule façon d’être en contact avec le monde. Mais croyez-moi, j’ai manqué ces lettres que j’ai attendues pendant des mois jusqu’à ce que le facteur soit arrivé. C’était agréable de lire l’écriture manuscrite de la personne qui a écrit la lettre. Je déteste me garder par l’ordinateur pour toute la journée. Je fais beaucoup de travail, mais je prends aussi des heures de là. merci. Juli


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  • Thank you Robert for your comment. It is hard when it comes to marketing. you have to push sales to its limit. or try to give customers some new prices that they can afford and see where it goes from there. Good Luck and all the best. Juli


  • I will have to do more marketing. Social Marketing is relatively new to us. Peviously, all of our sales were at large Craft Shows but I lost a leg so we are unable to do the setup and break down.


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