I Spent Time by the Lake of “Saint Germain Les Belles”

DSC_0139This year 2016, I chose the month of June for my summer holiday away from home. When my daughter was still at primary and secondary school age, I waited for summer school breaks to go away with her.  Since she has now grown up into a young adult, I prefer to take my summer break before the beginning of school days.  I like to spend time when there is peace and tranquility.  I think I have done my days like all mums, being away with kids are great years to cherish, remembering the noises of our kids and their friends.  But then one day comes the time that we can do it alone in the tranquil and peaceful pace of time.

003 doneThe view going down to the lake from the hill slope was absolutely magnificent overlooking the prairie on the other side of the lake.DSC_0130

004 doneSummer Is The Season of Dreams.  It is like a never-ending time of year when the days seems to last forever.  The sun is out and there are no schools for some weeks, and everyone in the pool, or down the beach, or in the lake.  Everyone is having fun and the fun never stops.  It is an exciting time of year and summer is a season that do not last long enough.

The holiday village on the lake of St-Germain-Les-BellesDSC_0144Situated on the border of Correze and Dordogne, “Saint-Germain-les-Belles” is a country village situated in the Haute-Vienne department of (Limousin Regions) in the Southern-Centre of France.   It is also a farming village and beautiful character homes with shutters and flowers that lives with this enchanted ancient village of Limousin. 010The Lake of Saint Germain les Belles caters a camping site called “Le Camping de Montreal.” A very quiet camp site far from everywhere, in the middles of green pastures where every day noise of daily life don’t abide. 008The lake is very popular during school holidays.  Families and children gathers by the lake.  They rent chalets, bungalow tents, pitches to live their holidays around the lake.  There is a pool and restaurant on the shore of the lake.  Swimming, fishing and walking is allowed all year round. 013We all have fond memories of this favorite season that takes place during those few beautiful months when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  And all the smiling faces of children playing and shouting. The freedom from being away from office hours and busy city lifestyle to relax by camps and lakes. We all  crave for this season to happen. 

The Lake overlooking the prairie and its animals.  Peace, tranquility, together with nature.007The lake has its distillation system of water for creating clean water.017The distilled water goes down the forest of beautiful green trees  on the edge of the lake.009As my day by the lake was over, it was sad to leave, as I wish I could stay forever.  Walking up the hill I shot this last beautiful picture of the village on the Lake.

The village on the hill overlooking the lake006

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