What a “Pokemon Go” World

The world of Pokemon – (Pictures taken from my trip to the ancient village of “Collonge-La-Rouge” in the province of Limousin. There are some beautiful gardens surrounding the thousand years old village).  Would fashion Pokemon live in an ancient world?                                                                                                                        DONE IMG_0252I don’t really know what to write here.  I just don’t understand what is going on about this “Pokemon Go” thing that’s going around.
                                                                                             garden IMG_0353Pokemon Go are viral on all social media platform      gardens IMG_0253And having read about children and parents going crazy wondering the wild, parks, rivers, trails to find Pokemon Go.                                                                                                                             gardens IMG_0251After then we all know that technology has been keeping the world as a very unsafe place to be, but then on at the own pace of our home, we know we are more safer.                                        DONE gardens IMG_0354When comes to think of the outside world, another Pokemon affair is going viral.  And not only that, it is so scary for the children who are enjoying themselves going around anywhere to find Pokemon Go.  Think well, we have also terrorists going viral in our world, and now that they too knows about this Pokemon Go with children and families being on this move, who knows what a “terrorists Go” could happen to be and do parents see tragedy in the Pokemon Go?                                                                                                                   DONE gardens IMG_0352I would think that parents should be aware of the dangers that are happening around the world with twinks of seconds if not minutes. Even aeroplanes have been painted with Pokemon all over and wishing they find Pokemon Go in the air!                                       DONE gardens surrounding gardens IMG_0359Some two years ago, two British girls on separate occasions were killed on the river Thames in West London.  It was all to those technological games they played over the internet, they were told to go out and about on a journey to win the games and not to tell anybody where they are going otherwise they won’t win.  And being teenagers, we all know how vulnerable they are in their own world.  These two girls did some stupid outings that ended their lives brutally.                                                                                gardens IMG_0355I would imagine parents should be very careful with this “Pokemon Go” stupid games that is going viral.                                                                                                                                                       old door IMG_0300Would you ever imagine living in a “Pokemon Go” world?  I still don’t understand a thing about this!

4 thoughts on “What a “Pokemon Go” World

    • Thank you Dinata Misovec, absolutely, it all makes sense. Why would family go out to collect cartoons instead of visiting places. Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your visit very much!


  • It is a stupid game. Worse than Ninja, and all over something that has no meaning.
    Let children play healthy games, in safe environments. Okay, some kids are
    getting exercise doing this, but why not tag, hide-and-seek, and anything involving
    running? We got plenty of exercise just exploring the woods, making camps,
    doing yard work. We also read a lot, and didn’t need TV (we didn’t even have one).

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