North of The Netherlands

028Last August 2015 my daughter and I took a vacation trip to the North of the Netherland to a place called Heerenveen.031Heerenveen is a town located in the province of Friesland.  It is known for its name as “Frisia” and lies in the northwest of the Netherlands.  It is situated west of Groningen, and south of the North Sea.  The capital of Friesland is “Leeuwarden.

Places to stay, you can choose from – bungalows, chalets, hotels, you name them.  My hotel was in a beautiful spot and the view from the restaurant is amazing.003And large noiseless windows overlooking the garden and motorway  we had breakfast in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere while we watched the world go by.001


Its landscape is unique and beautiful, it has the largest collection of inland lakes in Europe and their pastures and lands, however, makes Friesland the chosen place for cycling and walking as well.023Water lovers can explore Friesland by boat. Each town is connected to others by water and if you are a boat and water lovers, Friesland is the place for you to explore. 024



043The Frisian countryside is amazing.  The green pastures steal your heart and takes your breath away.  As I walked down the flat countryside I adored the beauty and greens that it offered altogether.  


As I walked along their beautiful country lane under the cool shades of the trees,  I got my camera to work because leaving this place behind without memories to look at one day wouldn’t be totally satisfying thinking that I visited that part of The Netherlands.042


Not forgetting to mention that The Netherlands is a bicycle country.  There are more bicycles than residents in the Dutch land.    There are cycled paths made only for bikers completely and not for motorised traffics.  Everybody cycle in the Netherlands, and you won’t know who are professional cyclists or not, and  when in The Netherlands, if you ask someone “Are you a cyclist,” they will respond, “no, I am Dutch.” 026If you want to live in The Netherlands, you must know how to cycle or be prepared to learn. 030The tranquil and peaceful Heerenveen canal surrounded by residential homes.  009Beautiful bushes of wild flowers along the walkway.  011Randomly caught up with some apple trees in the back of a garden

(Please note that pictures and writings belong to A French Note and they are mine)

2 thoughts on “North of The Netherlands

    • Hello Henry, Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated. I don’t really know about their unfriendliness, As I did not get to know many people there, but I did meet one family who was so great, friendly and full of life. I had great moments knowing them.
      I remember one day I was walking up the country walk way past many country homes and some families waved at me like saying hello, and I did same at them. I never realized about them being unfriendly, will watch this next time I am there, or maybe depends on who you are with or who you meet. Thanks for stopping by! Juli


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