After flocks of works went against me

dsc_0070It had not been that easy week.  No, nothing much had happened.  My burden was the astounded piles of work that had crawled on top of me.  I had been trying to do everything. Being a mother is a challenging job and also knowing how tired it can be. Appointments didn’t seize to stop.  I found myself in between everything that was piling up.  One “Me” and what was I going to do next, as my brain started to twist in odd places.

dsc_0073To escape, I stepped out of the front door.  It was a cool early evening in August and I had just arrived in London from France.  I thought a walk down the river would do a good end of the day for me.                                                                                                                                               dsc_0053We all know that rivers makes a great place for a walk but sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to get away from the workload and explore the green sceneries of summer. dsc_0091It had been a sunny day outside and the scenes were also beautiful. I enjoyed the walk, every trees and plants were in full blooming passions, the river was quiet and the returning birds were twitting and the sky was blue.                                                                               dsc_0041I was bewildered with the panoramic scenes that I even forgot I wanted to have a coffee at the river café.   I randomly started to take pictures of everything that was beautiful around me. From blooming gardens with roses spelling their scents of beauty, old stone houses, to sceneries of boats docked in the corner of The River Thames. That evening was cool, refreshed, quiet, and calm.  And the sunset was dwelling in the trees and the boats                                                                                                                           dsc_0069The River Thames is a picturesque river that flows over many miles into London, and across some of the most charming and scenic English towns and eventually into the North Sea.  It is the longest river in “England,” but the second longest in the “United Kingdom” after the “River Severn.”                                                                                                                                 dsc_0037The River Thames has become a good friend to me since this is where I go jogging from the beginning of the summer this year.  This river takes me many years down memory lane, those years I took my daughter to feed the pigeons and the ducks when she was a little girl.  And I did that for almost 12 years of my life until she became a teenager.                           101Well my walk went well, the weather was light and beautiful, as August was a very hot sunny month and at the same time I wandered the beauty on that side of the River Thames.                                                                                                                                               202It seemed to me that I have taken some deep breaths from the bundle of works that were disturbing my mind at home.  Taking that trail, I made some peace within my inner self.     dsc_0100As I write this blog today, it marks a conversation I once had with a friend because she always read my blog.  She asked me “what are you going to do one day with all these writings that you are doing actually?”  It wasn’t a tough question to respond since I already had in mind that one day I will print my blog into a book as I would love my second generation or even my following peers that will come after to read what the first woman who created this family had done and what kind of passion she enjoyed in her life, which am sure I may not be around that time, but I hope they will cherish and enjoy what I had left of my adventures that I adored so much.                                                                                               dsc_0068I sat on one of the benches alongside the river, watching the quiet and calm moment around me, it was pure serenity.  I managed to get rid of the stress of work that I knew I had to finish.              



  As I came to the end of my walk I left behind me the lush green beauty of the riverside and the creatures that lives there.                                                                                                               dscn0207


  On many days when I choose to rest at home, I surmise the river awaiting my return.          dsc_0042(Please note that words and pictures belong to me).

4 thoughts on “After flocks of works went against me

  • Wow, quel beau post. J’aime aller faire une promenade dans le frais matin de la journée. Et vous avez la chance de vivre non loin de la rivière et une promenade sur la rivière serait absolument rafraîchissante. Et les images sont énormément belles. Votre blog est très intéressant, je dois dire.


    • Salut Karra
      Merci d’avoir lu mon blog. J’aime faire une promenade sur la rivière. C’est un de mes aspects quotidiens de ce que je fais. Et je ne cesse jamais de porter mon appareil photo avec moi. Surtout quand je me sens fatigué du travail, le seul à se détendre et respirer, je voudrais aller s’asseoir près de la rivière et regarder l’eau, les bateaux et les animaux jouent dans l’eau. Je pense qu’ils sont tous de grands paysages pour débarrasser la fatigue de mon esprit. merci. Juli


  • It is always refreshing to be near water, especially with great scenery and interesting nooks, parks, and cafes. I find I cannot live without water nearby. We have three rivers in town here (well, more like creeks) and there is a bay to swim in or go boating,with cool onshore breezes in summer to cool off and maybe have a picnic.

    I hope you energy was boosted for the week ahead, with all the work ahead of you.


    • I lover river walks, it is true that living by the water is an exciting adventure. Water is the most important aspects of life. I cannot imagine a week without visiting the riverside. I have heard of the Creek and it is my dream to visit that place one day, and I hope my dream will be realised. Thank you Henry for stopping by. Juli


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