Is It Really Autumn?

dsc_0024Time just flies on by.  We have already come to the end of October.  Summer is ritualistically over.  We shouldn’t stop celebrating the end of one season and welcoming the arrival of another one – Autumn is here, one of the loveliest time of year since it is like another spring or summer because the leaves changes to beautiful orange, yellow and red.


dsc_0065In Europe we embrace these four seasons one after the other every consecutive year.  Autumn is one of them.  It is the time of year that fruits and vegetables are picked and gathered together and it is known as the Harvest Season.  208It is also the time of the year that we start to make cuppas of hot chocolates, lighting the fireplace to create a sense of comfort, warmth and reflections of the Summer season just arrived and suddenly gone.  But Autumn is all about enjoying the cool winds that have taken over from the hot summer sun and creating memories with friends and families as the harvest gatherings brings us all together.dsc_0036What makes you think it is October?  Mine thoughts would say they are the pumpkins, gourds and butternut squash, all lined up on the shelf at my village market in the corner of my little town.  Pumpkins make me think of the fall festivities and visiting farms.  They nudge me of my winter scarves, boots, long sleeves thick fleeces and pootling around the farmers’ harvest market.  I feel very melancholy and reflective of the beautiful vibrant colours surrounding us and the mornings so chilly and crisp. 201My early morning walk captures the sweet chestnuts falling and I love to pick them up and roast them and it is like the last few weeks of my everyday walk because after that the Winter season crawls in when the weather gets very harshly cold and an everyday morning walk would turn into twice a week mid-morning day out. dsc_0022This year I am looking forward to get on meal ideas for thanksgiving.  I am eager to unfold my thoughts about Thanksgiving dinner in a traditional image.  I would like to try some Eggplant Parmesan and other recipies such as Cheesy Autumn Mushrooms, Butternut Squash soup with crème fresh, Squash and Bean Minestrone – one of my favourite, and a few more to name.   And now that my daughter’s diet has changed all of a sudden, I am so excited and ready for the simple soft type recipes that have crawl my mind for the Fall and Winter season.401And I love my “Autumn Delight” dishes that I bought down the vintage market some years ago.  And more often I love to mis-match them altogether with Autumn colours of serving dishes.  Que la vie est belle!302In Europe our landscape inaudibly booms with flamboyant colours of red, yellow and orange.  The leaves start to drop from the trees rendering continual piles of leaves on the ground.  And rugby games hits my little town every weekend and often during the week with nights getting longer and the temperatures begin to drop.dsc_0071I once visited Canada in the beginning of their summer season.  And my dream to visit Canada again one day is to be at the Autumn Season when all the trees are red, yellow and orange.  But until then, I am concocting myself with my scented candles, hot chocolates, warm blankets and my book!dsc_0063Now the time for my over knee boots comes out, scarves, tights, coats and jackets.  All the colours like rust, khaki, mustard are my favourite Autumn colours.  And not to mention that my birthday is in the late Autumn, in fact it is right at the beginning of November.  I am an Autumn- Winter Scorpio and I love the cosy nights in.

dsc_0026It is the scents of romance, long walks in the park, meal with my friend at alfresco, sitting by the river and chatting under the sun, and enjoying the jollity of Autumn.  C’est la vie! 

Welcome Autumn!dsc_0032(Pictures and writing belongs to My Country Epoque and they are my original properties) 

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