Sharing my world to the world

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Dear All
Exactly two years ago this month, “October 2014,” I hit publish for my first post.
And the title of my post was “Sharing My World To The World.” This month of October feels two years have gone by without a see through how fast the years have passed me by.
And today I am re-blogging my first post to remind those of my followers, my face book friends and friends around the world whom I have touched with my blog. I just wanted you to have another read of what you could have read two years ago. And to those who have just joined me on my blog, I just want to wish you all a good read welcome to “A French Note.”
I hope you will all keep watching what is happening at my little fabric of the blogging world. And to be honest, I want you all to stay and keep reading about my adventures.  I am a fanatic of this blogging universe.

Dare you, I have lots of sewing to do and while I roll the sewing machine, my brain keeps splashing like waves about what topic I am going to write about next. I just cannot stop writing. Will there be a day that I will cease from this scene of blogging? Time will dictate!

A French Note

Today 22nd October 2014, I decided to enter the Blogging World.   Boy, have I become a creator?
It’s been a while since I have heard about blogging, read about it, and then thought I should give it a go.  It wasn’t a difficult choice to make, I had found a platform where I could pen aspects of life that rotates the planet earth and exploit my pictures of travel to write about people, places and everything else that constitute part of this world.

Before I started to write just anything here today, I stared at a blank page on a screen.  And I thought, “Why do I have to do it?” It took me hours before I could imagine that I wanted to share some stories, then came the question “what kind of stories and what am I going to write about?”   

I suddenly came to my senses that creating my own…

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2 thoughts on “Sharing my world to the world

  • J’aime votre écriture et vous avez de superbes photos. J’aime tes aventures en France. Vous avez un très joli blog et c’est absolument merveilleux. Continuez à poster vos aventures.


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