dsc_0057Friendship makes life approachable and charming.  When we have good trusted friends, we have the most precious gifts of life and we are lucky enough.

I have a good friend whom I met some 6 years ago through my work, and since then we have been the greatest of friends.  Like we can say “people meet in strange circumstances in life.”  He came in to my work one day, and he asked me “do you work here?” and I said “yes Sir, can I help you Sir.”  Well I helped that gentleman and he was very satisfied with the information I gave him.  And his next question was “Can I ask you which country you come from because you have a beautiful accent?”  I told him where I was born and bred and he then said to me, “ooh, I have never been and it is a beautiful country.”  I then responded to him, “you should go one day and you will like it very much.”  He said to me, “you are wonderful, and thank you for your help.”  I said to him, “you are very much welcome Sir.”  And that was it.   


Two days after, I bumped into him on the town while I was going to sit down by the river to have lunch.  It was a bright sunny day of summer.  And he said to me, “oooh I am so happy to have met you again, what are you doing now?”  I said to him, “I am going to sit by the river to have my lunch.”  He then said to me, “shall we go have lunch together?”  “yes,” I said, “you are very much invited.”  And we went down the river pub open restaurant and we had a meal.  He told me much of his life and so did I about myself.  He was an actor and model since he was young and until today at his old age he is still doing modelling in clothing for gentlemen.  I am proud of him as a friend who still does something and is still on the move.  He has not only been a great friend of mine, but also a good inspiration to my days.  His home is my home and I visit anytime I wish.  We go out for lunch, or coffee or dinner or even walking on the river when the weather is fine. 


And since then our friendship has been one of the best years I have had a gentleman friend like him.  His name is Leo and he is a lot older than me, a very respective gentleman that I have come to find a father figure in him.  I can discuss anything with him, I will never get a negative response.  He will give the right information of anything I am attempting to do in my life, he tells me what I need to do, where I need to go, he would even go with me at times if he is not busy.  We don’t see each other every day, or every week, but somehow I can pick up my phone and call him anytime I want to.  And he does the same.  And I have found one of the truest friends in him.   


He will be leaving Britain to go and live in Portugal, and I have already been invited to come and holiday there anytime I want together with my family.  And this is where he is going to live for the rest of his life.  And our friendship will always remain and I will always visit him and keep our friendship going until the end.  Leo’s friendship has taught me that age is only a number, but friendship comes from the heart where there are no age and numbers.


Good friends are very rare in this world.  We may have acquaintances but a few friends.  This is because real friendship is a complicated fetch made up of diverse notions.  Disinterested friends are very common in our path today, they are scattered like autumn leaves and they are more likely to be associated with people who knows you and who are not your friends.  And friends like these are only some pretenses in the face, but silently they are destroying you to keep your enemies satisfied because your enemies are their best friends.  I have been there in that kind of predicament and there are still some people who think they can mock me for being friends when I know why they want to be.  All I do is I keep cool and quiet.  I let it pour because if I don’t allow it to pour, I will not find a way to deal with it when my time is right.


This past summer, I happened to meet with a long time school friend that I have not seen for almost 15 years.   We went to college in England and we happened to be in the same class.  After our studies came to an end, we all parted in search for what we wanted to become in life.  The first few minutes were absolutely surprising.  We hugged, we kissed and started to laugh right within the moment of meeting up.  It was as if we were in the corridor of the college –“laugh.”  Our first few questions were “what are you doing? And how is life?” And trust me, there were lots of things we talked about.  We were both happy for each other because we have managed to make ourselves happy and we have moved on and done well in our lives.  We spent a great weekend together as she stopped by me.  And since then we have kept contact with each other and we have promised that we will always be in contact, and we have delivered our promises since we have been talking over the phone, texting and sending messages via email.   And to this day, this meeting have taught me more lessons of inspirations.  I have come to realised that in life people don’t have to see each other every day to call ourselves friends.  Friends are the people who think of you when you are lonely, and calls you when they miss you.  They even send  you a message to lift your spirit.


Friendship is a sweet moment in life.  It is a moment that can change one’s life forever.  It is a time that plans we have made could end up be re-arranged.

Within the circle of friendship we come to learn lessons.  They are lessons that could enrich our lives or lessons that will remain with us for a lifetime.  Some of these lessons will either make us cry, laugh, worry, sympathise and many more experiences that will give us the chances to choose what we want to do with the rest of our days.


Friends are the people we try to confide in them.  Everything we learn from friends is some kind of journey that we travel from certain crossroads of our lives.  When we are happy we celebrate our happiness together.  When pain surrounds us they don’t leave us alone and when our days become tough and unbearable, friends are the soldiers who stepped in with their own views to help us fight our moments of sorrow or unhappiness.


Individually we all come from different sides of life, but when friends gathers, our differences are none and all we love to do is have all the fun like there is no tomorrow.

Friends are people from different seasons of time.  They may be from school days or from professions we had or friends of friends and they may also be people we have met upon journeys we have traveled within eras of our lives. 


At this age I have come to in my life, I just like to make friends with people who are much older than me.  Should someone ask me, “why?”  My response will be simple.  I have reached a point where experiences have given me colours of life.  I have counted the colours, I have mixed them, I have utilised them.  Colours are beautiful, I love rainbows.  If I would tell you why I love to have friends who are a lot older than me is because I love making good conversations. I can get a challenge from them in what we are discussing and I learn new things that I may have not known previously.  I love them and I have gotten out of those clubbing days when I would only talk of fashion and kicking the town in a high heel on a Saturday night.  When I look at my life today, most of the friends of whom I have, they are all older than me.  I love them so much.  I can talk anything to them, they will understand, and they will know why I am making this kind of conversation and why I need their help or their ideas.  And with them, I will get a straight-to-the-point response.  My Face Book is one of the platforms where all the friends I adore are all sprinkled.  They know who they are and I love them so much.  I love their age and when I send them a comment to their posts, they know me too well, I am younger than them, I at times gets a challenge from them, I know why they respond with something that is more highly to mine, they have known the world before me.  I love their response, I respect them, and most of all I can ask them a question about their post if I don’t know anything about what they have posted, they will tell me something positive.  And this is all because of their age and their experiences that are greater than mine. 


I lost one of my bestest old friend this year in March.  She passed away to cancer.  She was 72 years old.  Her illness was a big surprise to her and to us who knew her.  Her presence in my life was more than adorable.  She made me laugh every minute of our time we spent together.  She taught me a lot about vintage and brocante, and her experiences will live with me for the rest of my days.  She was my sweet friend that her age made no differences between us.  She was born and grew up in my town where I live and she told me all about it.  As the few months have passed, I have accepted that she is no longer around and I have moved on with my life. And her friendship has taught me that “friends come and friends go, but all in their different ways.”  “Some friends go and leave footprints in our hearts, and some go and leave the bad stuffs behind them – they broke the bridge they have crossed.”


And you know what, when friends get together we not only make the happiness of the day, but we also create a “down memory lane” for ourselves to look back upon one day.


To all those who have come and gone, happiness and luck always, and may your journey be rosie and happy!

To all those who are still a part of me, it is good to see us blooming and enjoying the rainbow colours of the garden we have set up together.  Let us keep watering the seeds of Friendship!


(Pictures and words are my original properties – and pictures are from the home of my friend, Leo).

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