The visitor and the old town

(A Poem)


Days come and days go
I still see that corner of your old town in the vision of my thoughts

I see what lies within the stick in your hands

Your smile difficult to see

Your bag almost too heavy for your fainted hand

Your stick guarantees you the journey

promises broken, and society blinded

I read the words in your heart

The calls and weeps of pain

That luckless adversity

Your reticence spoke,

I pretended I didn’t hear the unsaid words

My thoughtful soul hid my tears

Inside I was beaten and broken

If only the greatest of the earth had written a will for me

Unless I hold you and walk with you,

I would never comprehend your melancholy and  hardship

The battle you are resisting to attain the destiny of your day

With all your bravery My heart went profoundly pale

I was a visitor in your town

I couldn’t find a way to approach you

I could not share a conversation with you

But I felt your struggle


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