The Most Wonderful Time

Hello everyone! I hope your Christmas week and preparations are going well. Are you all ready for the big family celebration?  I cannot believe how quickly the month of December flew by and unimaginably the whole year.                                                                           004

Dear ones, when I was growing up, Christmas was about food, family, beautiful dresses and shoes, holidays from school. It was one of the happiest times of the year.  Having raised in an Anglican Family, I have always had a deep connection to the birth of Jesus Christ.

And today is Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, which is one of the most magical nights of the year.  It is a night that children around the world believes that Christmas Father is real and wondering what time he is going to arrive. 

And since they don’t want to go to bed is because they are too anxious that Father Christmas will not turn up.  I remember when I was a child I was told to go to bed early because if I didn’t Father Christmas wouldn’t knock on the door.


It always amazes me how Christmas time brings back childhood memories of my magical past.  Something I have always loved is the smell of balloons and the green tree.  Back home on the islands we had our own tropical “Casuarina” Christmas trees that all families went out to find one for their homes.  We decorated them with Christmas lights, glittery balls and balloons. 


The smell of the balloons smelled like Christmas itself.  Every consecutive Christmas, I can still see myself, as that little girl, sat on the floor in front of the freshly cut green tree, surrounded by bags or boxes of ornaments collected over the years.   It was the most joyful moments of all times.


Going back to the days, each and every Christmas reminded me of my grandmother (my papa’s mum).  She visited us each and every Christmas day.  I still memorize her charm, and slow communications.  She was not loud but caring, wonderful and loving.  Grandma lived her life simple and very vintage.  Every Christmas she would carry lots of “cents” tied up in her handkerchief.  I am talking of “cents,” that “those days” we could buy lots of cookies and sweeties with cents.  Grandma gave to each one of us some cents.  And I still remember her soft sweet voice, she told us – “save your cents to buy your sweeties, your pencils and exercise books when you go back to school.”  That is how my grandma thought of us so lovingly well. I wish my daughter had seen those days when grandma was around, as I am sure she would have wanted her to stay forever. 


When the leaves start to fall I do not only think of Autumn and fall season, I also get that special feelings of Christmas that is nearing as the temperature changes and the weather starts to get cold, there is no escaping that I will soon be hearing the Christmas Bells ringing. 


Today I went out to pick some flowers and green leaves, I had a great time.  We stopped at the Italian Pizza Restaurant for a treat before we headed home to finish the day by doing the Christmas flower arrangements.


And this year my daughter won’t be spending Christmas and New Year at home and as it is going to be mum at home alone only, I have decided to just keep it simple this Christmas with only the flowers arranged in my own way.


To me filling the house with evergreens and making my floral arrangement is more than just decorating for the Christmas holiday.  This year I am not having a theme for Christmas, as I will be using red, white, green, rusty, ribbons, just any colour or anything that match with Christmas for my flower arrangement.  How blessed I feel by the quietness of my home.


Christmas is a special time that I think about families I love, who lives far away and miles of oceans separates us.  I believe that at this time of the year, being far away from each other, our togetherness is deep within our hearts.  I know we all think of the same past, – our “childhood Christmas under the same roof” and I am sure if I ever ask one of them about “what do you think of when it is Christmas?” I could imagine the answer I will receive from them.  

christmas-pussy-cats040In other expression, the excitement of Christmas lies in the existence of a happy family.  Every family has its own tradition. My mum had an amazing collection of old decorations and that is no surprise why I am a collector of old and shabby pieces of Christmas decorations.                                                                                                                                            049039I agree, Christmas time is here once again.  It is time to return my holiday books to the shelves and read the Christmas stories and poems, listen to Christmas music and sing out the lyrics.  


Mum another birthday of yours without you, 

Here the sun sets early, the nighs are cold and lonely

Today is 24th December, your birthday is never forgotten

And Christmas time has already approached, And maybe the day will show a drop of snow

Trees and lights are twinkling, and only vision of you in my thoughts

The Christmas spirit is within me, as carols are being sung.

Again another Christmas which is not the same, just  another memory of how you made us traditionally happy many years ago on Christmas day.

My house is a home and yet not quite a home because you are not here with me.

There will be sadness, there will be tears when I wake up on Christmas Eve, No one quite like you here to say Happy Birthday to.

For it will be  ten birthdays of yours since you’ve been away and Christmas without you, oh how I wish heaven was just a drive away.

As I spend the day alone at home, emotions will be sad,

Gifts gathered here and there, but none of them will say MUM.

All I am craving for Christmas is to see your smiling face,

I know it just cannot happen because you are no longer visible

Please MUM, God knows my number, send me a buzz on Christmas day,

And tell me that you are an angel and you are very happy

It’s been ten long years, I don’t look forward to Christmas, but I know I have to make my home happy, traditional just like you taught me so.

I hope in Heaven Christmas is fun because it has never been the same since you have traveled so far away.

I am just your daughter who wants to wish you Happy Birthday on this grand day of 24th December.

Merry Christmas Mama!

Last but not least, every Christmas Season I go some years backward to when my daughter was just thirteen years old. She had practiced in time the Christmas carol “Once in Royal David’s City.”  On that Christmas Eve, the service was started by her singing this carol alone while the Choristers,  and the priest paraded down the isle of the church.  How amazingly her “little sweet voice” filled the St Augustine’s church that night. I became emotional that I cried some joyful tears listening to my little girl open the midnight service.  And that evening has always remained within me and will do so for as long as I live. 

Therefore, to all my followers, families and friends, thank you for having a great read and I just want to take this moment to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas 2016!


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