The New Dawn – 2017

2017It is unimaginable how fast 2016 has ran out of sight.  It seems like it was only yesterday when we started preparing for this year, getting ready to make our list of goals, evaluating the things we have done in 2015 and now, pretty much with the twink of a second we are doing the same thing once again, but heading into 2017.  What have we done and where has time gone?

As the years pass us by, it is always important to cherish the past, and keep our history intact, well written and don’t erase any mistakes, allow the past to give sense to the “Book of  your Life.”  That’s why we have fore-gathered charming messages to express our emotion to families and friends and seal this year with a nice touch. 


For many years I have made a resolution.  But 2017 is the year that I have decided to leave it empty and continue to write my story in the many ways  that it will unfold.  “What are yours?”

To all my followers and wherever in the world you are, blogging is one of the greatest ways for me to annoy you all, and it’s been so nice seeing you and reading your blogs and comments you left me,  all through the whole of 2016.  You are all stunning, awesome, wild, lovely, and everything that is beautiful in this world.  Thank you for all the happy moments we embraced together and I am looking forward to spending another great year  with you all. It is going to be amazing!

Again, thank you so much for having been there and taking your time out of your busy schedule to stop by.  I would love to see you again in 2017 and you are welcome to bring your friends, families and everyone you know to come and read my blog.  Thank you ever so much for your presence and for filling my blog with so many milestones.

My blog will always be changing because I am, and you are too.  The world is also.  I will try my best to do more blogging than I did in the previous years since this is the only way to make you find me, read about what is going on at my world.


Sometimes we forget how much a year brings to our lives. This is the best moment to reflect and hoping to another 365 beautiful days. 

As we welcome a new dawn, with  warmth in your eyes and happiness in your hearts, I hope it brings you joy and everything full of charm.  I am closing this 2016 chapter and  wish you and your families the best of luck. 


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