2017 – No Resolutions

82-seychellesEvery year comes with its own pinnacles and by trying to ascend them brings lessons to us, where as some of us reaches the climbing point of the pinnacles and some of us don’t.001In previous years I have made New Year resolutions, but circumstances changed me.  My life is my book and I am the author and the next thing is for me to know how I want to write my story.

“Each day is a chance to design my own providence”


Like I mentioned in my New Year message, “every year I tend to make a resolution.  But this year of 2017 I have decided to leave it empty and continue to write my story however it will unfold.

As the years pass us by, it is always important to cherish the past, keep our history intact, well written and don’t erase any mistakes. Allow the past to give sense to the “Book of your Life.”

I have decided to go with the flow as they will unfold.  I will scribble them down in my best handwriting.  This year I won’t be meeting with procrastination and it will not catch up with me because making resolutions is a big promise.  Especially New Year’s Resolution, it dies a premature death.

I have decided that be it finance, be it fitted sirens, I will only live my life for the moment and they will edit themselves as the year passes by.  Health – yes of course it is important to me, I will definitely take care of myself.  Relationship, personal goals, holidays, and many more to name, they are not part of any plans in my life, but  I will only allow them to happen, if it will or is going to happen. 

When we make a list of things we want to ensue, it creates an elephantine size of unmerited influence on ourselves to rally the targeting goals.  The fact that we put pressure on ourselves it defeats the whole motivation of being pleasant and satisfying and it makes it looks like an errand, a burden which is not adorning and neither uplifting.stream-of-humanityWhatever did not bring me joy, I will leave it behind, whatever made me cried, I will say goodbye because in ten years from now I will be more disappointed by the things that I didn’t do than by the ones I did do.  

Pressure kills Victory – I have convinced myself this year and hopefully many years to come that I will live my life one day at a time and allow what happens on a daily basis, get to know the daily happenings, why it happened, how it happened, and make it part of my story for 2017.  When I turned my lights off at night, I only want to know that I have done my best.

Procrastination adds fuel to the fire – If we realised that as we age there comes plenty to our plates.  We have a family life where we have to care for the children, run treadmills and jump over the fence like everyone else does.  That is why I believe that New Year’s Resolution is best being left out of the way.  Procrastination is responsible for all the mess that people make when they act upon New Year’s Resolution.  For the first or second week, you follow the whole list, from only fruits at breakfast to three times a day in the gym.  Then comes the third week when the resolution is forgotten, the usual “pattern” takes you on board and there comes the loss of control and New Year Resolution becomes the “forgotten dream.”dsc_0022We all make mistakes, we all want to achieve, we all want that happiness to endure forever, and “believe” is all we can do to emerge from the mistakes to reality.  And this is a small paragraph as an example of one of my friend, “Elodie.”

“Elodie is a friend of mine who went to a boarding catholic convent in France after the Second World War. She got pregnant at the age of 17.  The nuns were not happy and she was expelled from the convent.  Elodie did not have a plan but she was determined.  She went on and gave birth to a baby girl.  She went to University of Paris and studied English, French and Journalism while she was a single mum and those days life in a city like Paris was not that easy.  She had a successful career as a journalist in Paris and she wrote for magazines and newspapers. She lived in London for many years until I met her.  (Elodie will be featured in another episode of my writings called “I will buy my flowers and my paintings myself”).

I have an acknowledgement to treasure the people that are in my life, the people who have that special place in my heart and I know they love me too.  They are the people who make a positive difference in my life – I show patience to our friendship.

I wish everyone who is already in the big ride of my sphere happiness, courage and many happy moments together through 2017.  Those who will happen to join my friendship – Welcome to my world!

I want 2016 to Remember Me!img_0438

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