Farm Fun

dsc_0190Hello everyone, I hope you are doing good at writing your blog or reading your favourite blog.  Whereas here I have tried in my own way to share my holiday stories from France, since I know lots of you loves France so well, and here today I have some more about my special country to share with you, and this is no other country than ….. France!

dsc_0177I have tried to think that I will blog fairly of every two days or so, but my last blog was 4 days ago.  Sorry, I’ve been kind of late and as I am already having a lot going on lately, especially my sewing days keeps me very busy.   Well, I am sorry to let you know that I am late in sharing my photos of my last visit to a family farm in France, but eventually I am doing so.  dsc_0176

dsc_0181I wish I would’ve been able to get more pictures for you of that day, but sadly my camera battery died after I had been able to shoot some pictures I am sharing with you today.  I missed the chance to shoot another beautiful farmhouse and family home with its beautiful garden, but never mind, as I managed to get you what I have, we will go with the flow, won’t we?


The first thing I love about this farm, is that it’s located on the edge of  a small village out in the deep countryside of Correze on top of a hill, off the motorway  and nestled amongst trees  ..  in a pretty setting.   It was a day that I unplugged  myself  from the urban craze and I enjoyed the very best of the countryside ?dsc_0178It was such an interesting place to visit since it was a working farm from centuries ago and  actually the farm consists of a few animals and with lots of different kinds of fruit trees.

Of all the animals there, I loved the dogs and they were cute and I wish I could take them home with me. But what I enjoyed the most was picking the fruits to take them home with us.dsc_0320The farm still consists of its centuries old  stone out-buildings standing plus the farm house where the family lived many years ago.  It is actually under renovations since the families wants to spend weekends or holidays there every now and then now that the family has grown bigger with grandchildren.dsc_0192Well that is all I had to share with you about my day out on the French farm.dsc_0179Happy Weekend!dsc_0188

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