This year is already running too fast!

002I have so many things that I think I would like to share with everyone I love and know.  I have thoughts, consideration, reflections, observations and many things that create happiness or make us admire, surprised and amazed.

(picture above and below is the “Richmond Bridge” in the “Richmond Borough Upon Thames” in “West End of London)                                                                                                               003-done-at-the-blog-thisyear-is-already-running-to-fastIt is something that I do whenever I write a post for my blog.  I never forget to share a panorama I have captured through the lens of my camera with all my careful windings, when I was “breathing” that brief period of time.  Some thoughts will echo with you and some will not, just as it should happen, it is what aggrandize the way of life that we all drift unalike.  

(picture below is in “Richmond Hill” in the “Richmond Borough Upon Thames”)                    done-this-year-is-already-running-too-fastI did not prepare to write a blog today, It seems I am not being in my normal mind, and since writing keeps me thinking, I made myself a cup of coffee, and an uncheerful message caught my phone, my friend in the south of England is to be operated on Monday and she has not been feeling too well lately that she just needed to be in touch with me for some comfort.  I was just taking a bit of time off from everything around me before I close my lights off this night.  And my prayers, thoughts are going her way.  I am deeply thinking of her.                                                                                                                                                    dsc_0036This weekend and following next week, I will get methodise since I have some other types of works that needs doing around the house.  I just want to achieve this lot of works and I cannot afford to lose any minute of doing something else. There are some works I need to finish and trying at the same time to keeping the home twinkling. I need to make some new cushions for my Spring/summer season photography shootings.  Do I need to shop for them?  I think I would do the fillings myself and get moving before even the Summer Sun enters through my window before I would even know it.  

(pictures below taken at “Paray-le-Monial” in Burgundy “Bourgogne” – France)                     burgundyYou may agree with me should I say that this year is running way too fast.  And I will be traveling end of March or early April.  I’ve got to be on another side of the world, and it is very important that I do this travel.  I have to remind myself to write a list of things I need to do when I am there.  Whether I will accomplish the entirety on my list is another episode.  (Picture below – clock on the outside of a church on the River Thames)                      001-clock-on-the-churchMany of you who constantly stopped by to have a read at my blog may well know by now that I love to fuss about with flowers, fabrics, ribbons and anything to do with interior decorating. I love spending my time this way making creations for the home.                         dsc_0033Have you gotten anything coming up to do?  What is on your “to do” lists this spring?  I would love to know about it.  (Table-cloth above and below is home-crafted by myself)        dsc_0021(Please note that pictures & words are my properties – Thank you)

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