Signs of Spring – Daffodils tells us so!


Hello everybody! What’s new going on around yours in the thought of Spring? I’ve been busy with my crafting works doing quilting which will be posted a bit later in the month.   I am always on the go with my sewing as I am making some beautiful pairs of curtains that will be going to the other side of the pond in the Seychelles islands.  I wish I was in the place of these curtains, you know what I mean?  Well, but for the time being, some daffodils will do.

                                                                                                                               006When I was out two days ago, I picked up a few tulips from my favourite flower shop. I am sure they are at the right time or if not the right season, it is ringing in my ears that spring has almost arrived.  I hope the pictures are beautiful since I tried to arrange them a bit. 044Speaking of working with fabric and doing curtains and quilting at the same time,  but not have I only been rolling the sewing machine, I have gained for everything that my hands did not touch for the whole of 2016, and yet they have been taken down to the charity shop. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to carry some heavy bags down to the shop, but alas they have been done. I made a difference for those in need!                                                                                   005Oh well, yes, it is spring! Here we go with the wonderful season we have all been waiting for.   Trust me, my holiday books are out once again.  When I was a teenager, I could imagine it was like I married libraries, and there were times I would sit in the bathroom to read my book to escape mum from doing chores she asked me to do – “laugh.”   This was long before the arrival of the Kindle. I have never had a kindle, for me it is like I am not reading a book since I love holding my book in my hands to read, I find it more exciting and I am aware that I am reading a “book” and it is more traditional.  It’s alright of me thinking about the kindle, but I may never know, I could try it one day in the future, who knows – for now it is just an imagination!  When I became a mum, I kind of got busy and my life changed forever, I let go of reading because motherhood and my profession both caught up with me at the same time and I would read a book when I found that I really felt like reading.  And it’s been a couple of years since I bounced back into the world of books again, I don’t read constantly, but I still do.                                                                                             062Well, if you’ve had a yearning to drink some fruit punch this summer, stay tuned to my blog since I have some delicious recipes that I am going to make in the next couple of posts that I am going to write in the months coming.  Sometime last year I made a stop at one of my favourite stores, where I fell for these beauties – crystal glasses.  They have a beautiful cut pattern finish and let’s just say, they called out to me to take them home.  And my daughter was the first to try them after we got home that day since I had already made some summer fruit punch.



As I started arranging my flowers, the petals began to fall from some of the blooms.  I often find that when I just let things unfold naturally, my photos seem to turn out more beautiful than I thought it would. Do you find that to be the case for you too when you make a flower arrangement for photography?   DSC_0021Well, since I spend a lot of time focusing on photography, I knew these cups would be perfect for some photos. I collected them mismatch as a set and since they have fruit designs, I matched them with my “fruit harvest tea-pot,” hey it is not harvest time yet, but since they have fruits designs, everything goes together, what do you think.  I am loving my tea-set like crazy!  Would love to have you round for tea and home-made cookies.    Plus my table cover was a gift I received from the fabric wholesaler, it is one whole beautiful piece of fabric that has the design of all the fabrics I bought.  And so I made it into a table cloth.  Not only does it look pretty, but it looks shabby chic because the designs are vintage floral.  057I have also arranged some of my favourite fruits.  I collected some large green leaves to make my arrangements since I have been thinking about this idea for some time.    050Please let me just say thank you to everyone who left their LIKES at my blog post “Farm Fun” and “Bleak Flow of Existence” some weeks ago.  Your kind and thoughtful “Likes” mean so much to me.  I know you all have busy schedules, and I hope you will keep visiting me, since I am trying my hardest to blog more often this year.           038Well, I have to run to the post office before it gets too late as I have some bills to pay.  “Bills?” – it isn’t something that I like, one of the most annoying aspects in my life, what about you? – are you thinking the same?   Well, I hope you’re all having a good weekend and let’s hope that spring is smiling since its arrival is definitely eminent.  Well it has been a very warm beautiful day yesterday and hoping for some more colorful days.              064I think this is all I have to cheer you up today and hopefully I will come back soon with some more vibes of?? – Spring!  Happy Weekend to you all and make the best of the weather wherever in the world you are!

Welcome Spring!                                                                                                                                               035(Please note that pictures and writings are my original properties)

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