A Spring Sunrise!

DSC_0010Good morning everybody!  I caught the early morning sunrise of my little town.  Since I ceaselessly carry my camera with me, I was able to capture that beautiful moment of a spring sunrise.

DSC_0073Well, this is what I received from WordPress some three days ago – “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!  You registered on WordPress.com one year ago.  Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.”  I am dedicating this post at remembering that such day I started to write just about anything I could share to the world.  And today I am having quite a beautiful audience with whom I have made friends, chat with them and I acknowledges their response of what we all write about.  I have even made friends with authors of whom their books are on the shelves around the world, “isn’t that fantastic?”  It is all thanks to WordPress.  Thank you “WORDPRESS” for making dreams come true!DSC_0065Hello sweet people. Happy Saturday to you! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week and that your weekend plan is busy with friends and families or maybe some of you will be staying home and having some quiet time alone.  Why not?  I love this kind of space of time – tranquility is full of health!DSC_0001I am sure it must be feeling like spring in your corner of the world, is it not?  Yes, so far, so good and same here.  I Looked out of my window this morning I saw the trees and the white fluffy flowers which are pulling down the branches of the trees, it is absolutely beautiful, and isn’t that a wonderful feeling?  I have been thinking about some sunny days for a long time, oh well, it is finally here, I am smiling.DSC_0043I am sitting here under the trees by the river and typing this on my laptop, there are glimmers of sunlight sprinkling themselves over all the leaves and flowers that are growing fresh and showing their blooms. Oh, it looks wonderful!  It is quiet, peaceful, and the cool breeze of tranquility from the river freshen my mind to even think what to write.  DSC_0027In addition to the sunny weather, are all the pretty flowers that are showing their blooming beauties.  Hyacinth is one of my favourites – along with gorgeous daffodils and beautiful Tulips.  I love the different flowers that are blooming along the walls, corners of the roads and everywhere else.DSC_0071I adore all the trees that are literally blooming.  I am a lover of Cherry Blossom, Apple Blossom, Peach Blossom, Magnolia, Crab Apple and  Mimossa.  The Wild Lilac below is even more beautiful, its beauty is absolutely extraordinary, one of my favorites

DSC_0039Anyway, 2017 is rolling so fast. I wish I was busy with a whole lot of nothing to do, but do we always get a chance like this?  All four corners of my brain I have things reminding me of doing. I’m having a hard time blogging lately.  If only I didn’t have anything to share, I have lots to write about.  They are only certain unusual things that always get in the way.  I suppose that is how it is in this life. DSC_0072Spring is a beautiful season, full of vibrant colours, and it’s too bad since it is a season that doesn’t last long, therefore let us enjoy the beauty of Spring. Sometimes, I can hardly believe how inspiring nature can be.  When it comes to decorating for the seasons, I like to keep things very simple…I love the beautiful colours from the garden.  Since it’s starting to look and feel like summer outside, I thought of bringing a little bit of natural mildness inside my home.DSC_0004Oh, I just love white and green flowers!  When I bring them indoors, I always like mixing them together since I like the contrast and textures.  And I mixed my white and green with a touch of yellow.  I decided that my trug would be perfect for my arrangements.  I’ve had that trug for a good few years now.  I have used it once if not twice, and I don’t know why I never thought to use it especially for my photo shoots. Sometimes I become so blind that I don’t know which works better if it is my sight or my brain.  Do you do that too?  I just get used to putting things away and never really notice them and other uses it could possibly be used for.  I would have wanted a rustic look of the trug, but since it was a gift from a friend, I couldn’t ask for more. I think it is beautifully painted in a vintage manner combined with the table lamp in the top corner of my century old Hong Kong chest, it works well together, and I hope you all love them.DSC_0006These hyacinth photos are just a few in a series that I took recently. The days are getting longer, the sun warmer…a desire to decorate the house with flowers,  and many of us will be taking out the paint brushes, to change the decoration!DSC_0070Well, peeps, that’s all for now!  I hope you are slowly putting away your winter bits and pieces and getting ready the spring-summer wardrobes, “are you not?”  You’re all set to a sunny feeling. I am thinking of same, what a feeling!  

Well, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Chat later

Juli103Please note that pictures and words are my properties

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