Words Are Not Enough

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I  started to write this blog in 2014 at “blogspt.co.uk.”  Last year I came to realised that moving to WordPress will be a better chance of getting to know the world and sharing my world to the world.  You know what, I am as happy as can be.

I have heard that say “You don’t need a lot in life to appreciate the sense of living.  A small gesture creates big things.  

200 LIKES and 50 FOLLOWS are enough to bring to my mind that my pictures and words I write are being appreciated by the many beautiful people out there who have come to find my blogs.  Well Lovely people “words are not enough” but I just want to thank you ever so much for being here and reading about me and what I like doing.  You give me the courage to keep on being the unprofessional photographer behind the lenses of my camera.  With 200 LIKES and 50 FOLLOWS, you have already told me to keep writing and that you love the pictures I share with you and to the world alike.  I hope you will all find a reason to stay and keep reading from me.  

Something I’d love to tell you, “If only you know how much I love to read from all of you.” Since I started blogging, I have learned and gained lots of experiences of life that I don’t think I had captured even before I started blogging.  And without you, I wouldn’t be where I am actually and in the way my thinking have changed. 

I have made friends with you all from a distance, we are all scattered around the planet earth.  How interesting is that?  

With you all on board, the journey is amazing, I just don’t want the destination to happen!  You are all great, you are beautiful blooms in my garden of blogging!

Once again thank you ever so much!


9 thoughts on “Words Are Not Enough

  • I’m so glad to have found you on WordPress, I am so enjoying your lovely photos. You are correct, there are so many amazing people from all over the world who blog about art, music, photography, cooking, literature, pets. I am so happy to have met many outstanding people. I think it breaks down barriers and preconceived notions about the so called differences and lets us see one another as we really are 😀


    • very true! it is like we say, distance can be too far away, but in the heart and mind we are close, and that is the road that Word Press has built for those who loves blogging and writing. The journey is amazing. Sure, I am so happy to have found you too. we will surely make it good by sharing our piece of the world to the world. ohh it is exciting! Over here is raining and the weather is gone chilly. Well have a nice evening!

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  • Isn’t it wonderful to find all these kind, friendly people all over the world? I love that feeling of hope for humanity. Congrats on your growing blog. It’s been lovely to connect with you, Juli. 🙂


    • Thank you Diana. It is very true. It is really amazing and amazing how friendship is growing amongst us and all due to blogging our own mind and what is happening in our own little corner of the world. from fashion, to authors, to interior decor, to cooking, to inspiration, ooh to name. It makes the world go round in the right manner. I am so glad I met you too Diana. I hope one day we will meet in person. Who knows?

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