It Is Said That Life Has Different Colours

Evolution can forge in many shapes in our lives.  It can frame like a tidal wave, or crawl further progressively like poisonous weeds.  It can advance in the cast of a wounding agony such as unfortunate options, beaten love affairs, or even new chances of possibilities and freedom of opportunities.

Numerous times the only manner to boost our entity is to push ourselves to embark on an untimely sea change.  That potently express an eclipse and quitting  clichéd, however serene – liaison, abandoning a middle-of-the-road – yet steady – job, decamping away from a wonderful, though unexciting location, or whatever there is that keeps pulling us from fulfilling our ambitions.

Certainly, tackling with unwelcome reform in our existence is frequently hard and bitter.  In countless instances, causing crucial, yet essential, improvement in our dwelling can be traumatic, aching and gut-wrenching.  And well, to say so, any modifications you are considering, you must savvy and apprehend that in any way you accept that substitute, it will create an effect on your upcoming fate or success. 

When I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming a princess because I believed in fairy tales.

When I became a teenager I dreamed of becoming rich, a pilot, and a traveller.  At some point, in my early adulthood, life turned one of my dreams into reality.  I started travelling and seeing places. 

At this grand age I have reached, I turned my life around, I embarked in some other professions and I am happy where I have reached. 

The dreams of my youth have now faded and my life is no fairy tale.  I have changed and I believe in actualities.

In life I have seen and met different situations – the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the bold, the weird, the perfect and the imperfect.  They all have their own different colours.  And that is why we say that “Life is made up of different colours.”  Like everybody else, I have been through most of them. 

And no wonder why today I gather different colours and I tie them together and make them into beautiful bouquets and placed them in the centre of my table in my households!  How wonderful it is to see all the different colours of life sitting in the top centre of a piece of my life.  Thank you for giving me flowers!018I thank everyone who have come and gone, and those who are still in the ride, individually you all have created your different type of colours in my life.  Those who left, it was nice having you!  And those who stayed, I appreciate your presence and thank you for being here. 016Pictures and words are my properties

10 thoughts on “It Is Said That Life Has Different Colours

  • Thank you blindloveweb for stopping at mine. At another point in life, we should rest the past, keep it intact and don’t erase our mistakes. But creating other chapters is very important and moving forward is a must. The world is big, different horizons to reach. I have done a big part in my life and I am enjoying every minute of what I am doing. Please do so, get out of your shell, and just think of yourself and do it. Good Luck with everything! Hoping to read from your soon. Will pop round your blog since I have seen some interesting words I would like to read. see you soon at yours.


    • Thank lovely in567! surely life creates different colours, and one day it becomes the beautiful bouquets of all those colours we have seen before our eyes, don’t you think so? Love to see you around. take care of yourself!

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      • I love to stop by and relook at the beautiful photography you have. The bouquet mixes are a great blend. Ah, don’t we all wanted to be princesses when we read fairytales when we were young? 🐸🌈💐⏳

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      • hahah tell me about being young and waiting to becoming the princess, we all crave it when we are kids. but well, things changes in life. I am just doing fine where I am right now in my life. Things seems to be in place. ups and downs are part of them all. Life is interesting, I think it is an art!

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  • Beautiful post! At first it seems sad to lose the daydreams of childhood, but creating more tangible and full joys of adulthood may well be an upgrade. Glad you’ve reached so much goodness, and thank you for sharing it!

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    • Vagabondurges, thank your for stopping by today. I am so happy you had a great read. And when childhood and teenagehood dreams cannot be realised, another step should surely be taken to enter another world where better arrangements can be made to move on and be more creative. I have worked so hard to reach a part of my goals. I am happy of what I have achieved. Life is happiness, why not live it with what nature gives to us. I hope you will come back soon. Juli


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