Sewing, Ribbons and Buttons

Hello everybody and welcome to my next post.  It has been good weather for the past couple of days.  We have been having sunny weather and only tonight we have had some rain at the same time.  we have been having some cool winds, and the weather has been wonderful, since we know summer will show up.

DSC_0056I wanted to show you my beautiful collections of buttons that I had been collecting for some years.  There is something rather absolutely pretty and beautiful about buttons don’t you think?  It’s a bit like “Smarties” when all the colours are mixed up together. They are great for jewelleries in the making, scrapbookings, embellishments for cards, sewing them onto fabrics.  “Well let’s keep the secret – I love Smarties.”  Reminder of when my daughter was young.  She and mummy made all sorts of projects because she loved creating things and keeping them.  And since she became a teenager, she brought them to the charity shops and she made a difference.  Wonderful girl she is my big beautiful girl, she is a darling and she is very precious. DSC_0024My favourites are these “pastel” colourful buttons above – I think they are fabulous!  I just cannot stop loving them all.DSC_0069I love to keep them in the clear jars in mix colours because they are so adorable and making designs at crafting makes it more interesting.DSC_0037I’m so happy and couldn’t wait to show you a few from some of my lovely collection of colourful ribbons. I like to buy them in joblot orders since I received tons of ribbons in one order only.DSC_0001Everyone who sews and crafts loves to work with modern sewing tools since they make sewing and crafting much more easier and faster to create and be creative at the same time.  But here I have some bits and bobs that I received from an order I bought over Ebay at one time.  I am sharing with you some old tools that seamstresses used many eras ago.  I couldn’t be more than happy ever to have them.  I am going to keep them for as long as I live because they are old, shabby, and full of characters and it gives me the feelings of long time ago.   And lots of young people of our modern world do not know what their elders used long ago.  Some mothers teach their children good things, while others are fascinated with new inventions.  We may all be women and mothers, but “individually” we are different in our own ways and we teach our children in our own different manner too.  I suppose such is life!DSC_0055There is something that the modern sewing world is not really mentioning a lot these days.  They are the old style “bindings” that once were used long time ago.  I remember the lady seamstress who made my school uniforms had them. Since the model of my uniform had white bindings, and those were the type of bindings that my mother bought each and every term that we needed new school uniforms.  These bindings arrived together with the old tools that are pictured above. DSC_0012Well everyone, I managed to snatch some time to take a few pictures of my laced ribbons, they were a gift from my 72 year old lady friend who passed away last year in March. After having thought about the colours, I love the red and white and they are two of my favourite colour collection since they reminds me of Christmas.DSC_0017

DSC_0027Well I am living in a “Crafting World,” and sewing has become my most loved aspect of interior decorating. 316 - CopyWell lovelies, I will soon come back with some more vibes.  Thank you for visiting me today! Love you and Leave you!  Cheers!copy 011 A - 12 pillow cushions Flower Scroll on duck minted green on Jonelle CottonPlease note that pictures and words are my properties!

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