From America To London

It sure is a vintage American lifestyle in London! Made in USA!

302The moment when life gives you the chance to go on a short adventure, with no tickets to board an air-plane or to pack a suitcase – just grab your camera and go.001I went out for a walk this late afternoon after the sun had set.  It wouldn’t have come crossed my mind that I was going to stumble upon this interesting piece of history that was “Once Upon a Time.”207I couldn’t wait, I grabbed my camera and snatched some pictures of this rusty piece of a CHEVROLET that was parked in a corner of a residential street.209And suddenly an old gentleman and his son stopped by and said to me, “you love this beautiful piece, don’t you?”  And I said to him, “yes, I do and I cannot imagine letting it pass me by.”  And he told me that his friend who live further up the road found this CHEVROLET and he liked it, so he bought it.  And I said to him that I have never seen it parked here, since it was my first time to see it.  He said to me it could be he did not find a parking too close to his house and therefore he parked his CHEVROLET at the beginning of the street.  004But well, you know what?  I got hold of it, and I thought it would be another topic of the day for my blog.003Well boys and girls, I hope you will love what I have shared with you today, so enjoy the CHEVROLET of MONTANA – the “Treasure State!”206Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you soon.  I will be back!001



005Please note that words and pictures are my properties – Thank you!

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