The French Country Living

GARDEN my first picture

Perhaps it is the faded charmed, or it is my own idea of loving them the way they are, and or there are surely some stories behind the closed shutters.  One thing that the French made it their own way and for centuries after centuries they have always remained – the French shutters are beautiful, old, shabby and the French characters are amazing to this day.    It makes me go deep into thoughts that the faded old shutters some-how looks more beautiful than the recent ones.  The rustic, faded blend of old and new is what creates the amazing country look.

GARDEN BLOOMSThe most amazing exterior decorations of the French homes are the greens which grows climbing upon their walls.  You are more likely to see the Wisterias taking their tolls and when they bloom, that country look is imminent.

GARDEN climbing wisteria Rochefort 001 B

GARDEN CLIMBING GREENSAnd also the Virginia Creepers is another touch of the French exterior decorations, and since they are conquerors, they don’t give chances to cease exploring the walls of the homes, the more there is to climb, the more they ascend.IMG_0511Roses are some beautiful aspects you will see a lot on the exteriors of French homes.  The French loves roses, and you may never leave France without capturing glimpses of climbing roses invading the French homes, and they are absolutely beautiful. 042.JPG

012 - CopyAnd tall trees can be seen standing in the front of the French homes since it seems they were planted especially to keep the homes cool and fresh instead of allowing the hot sun to shine through the windows the whole day.  It could also be it does make the home picturesque behind the tall green trees.GARDE N TALL TREES

bastide-accueil-3258French country interior decoration proverbially depict as shabby, old, rustic mixed with a bit of the present-day retro inventions.  Traditional inheritance gets on well with the newly born modern paraphernalia.  The casts mixed well together with the vintage natural tinge.INTERIOR Rochefort 001 G

INTERIOR 001Be it a century old country cottage or mansion, old shutters and garden furniture match together.  Plus the chicken-iron fences, rotten wooden gates and the wrought-iron gates with the dated paints cracking, gives a clear identification and feelings of country living.IRON GATES OF A MAISON CHARENTAISE

IRON CHAIRS.jpgMost country gardens would more or less have the same touches.  They have climbing wild flowers, vines, lavenders, tall trees that gives some shades where families can chill out on hot summer days.  Many country gardens have fruit trees and a “potager” where they grow their own vegetables and herbs.GARDEN FLOWERS

GARDEN views


GARDEN vines

GARDEN TALL TREESFrench country homes that are newly built the exterior have that kind of natural looking stones or bricks that shows signs of old age as if the houses were built centuries ago.  You can naturally see from the picture below the difference of an old and new french home.NEWLY BUILT HOME

WHAT I NEEDWell, When all the worn out and the new tones are blended together, they echoes a flavour of decoratively charming.


GARDEN CLIMBING ROSESAnd the countryside views are absolutely fantastic!WITH A VIEWI hope you have enjoyed a hint in the French home living style of interior decorating and exterior traditional french country style living.

Thank you for stopping by.

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