A Sunset Walk and Reflecting Mid of The Year

DSC_0049.JPGHello everybody!
I am back again – and sharing with you pics of my sunset walk!  We are embracing mid of the year.  The month of JUNE has finally arrived!  Now that I no longer wait for the school year to come to a close to go away with her, I can chose and fix my holiday plans anytime of the  year.  I have done my duties of school years and I now have a 21 year old beautiful lady.  I have gotten back the days of my life, just like every mum who have been there before me and are now enjoying their days.  I have started to enjoy the sunny days of summer so far.DSC_0019.JPGAbove picture is the arch that gives way to the two steps in the pictures below.  One step goes down the Registrar (first picture of the post) and the other step to the River.DSC_0048

DSC_0053.JPGMy thoughts have been focused on my travel list and all that goes with it.  But the photos I am sharing here are a few of those I took while taking a sunset walk some days ago.  As for this year, I have a very different upcoming getaway already planned, and that will be after the whole summer holiday has been done and all parents and children have returned home, my plan will take its toll.  It will be altogether a late summer/early autumn vacation and lots of happenings attached together with what I am about to embrace.DSC_0003.JPGPics of garden and St Mary’s The Virgin overlooking the River ThamesDSC_0014.JPGAnd wholeheartedly I welcome any thoughts I could think of on things to do.  But one thing I want to do this year is to get to be there in one special place anywhere in the world when the sunflowers are blooming, I am looking forward to enjoy this moment and take pictures of everything that will be happening at the split second of that day. DSC_0021Above pic is a pretty stranger enjoying the world in his own manner and below are English homesDSC_0029.JPGJune is one of my favourite months of the year.  The air feels cool, fresh and the sun hits our windows too early in the morning which gives us the reason to wake up because summer is the season of time we don’t want to miss the smell of the sunny weather and to watch the blue sky.DSC_0059Above pics and below are life on the River ThamesDSC_0068.JPGAs much as I love them too, we are all set for that summer wardrobes where all the floral dresses and skirts we adored have been hiding and forgotten for a long time.  After one season has gone, comes along the next and I tend to reflect on the months gone by and fix myself on what I have missed in doing and set a goal in line with the new changes in seasons and weather alike. DSC_0078Above pic are roses climbing walls of an English home and below is the St Mary’s The virgin Anglican church that stands on top of the River ThamesDSC_0012For me, this summer, I will be updating my blog regularly, with everything that is happening around me, anything that I can catch a glimpse or that I feel is interesting, I will depict and write about it and share them to the world.  Since Word Press have given me the chance to move forward and learn what is happening in the outside world in the clear view of other bloggers, I have made friends and communications along the way from around the globe, and the daily orbit of my life has improved with pictures and words.  I have made it sure I visit my followers twice a week to see what they have been up to and I always leave a little note for them, since they deserve it.  Isn’t that fantastic to see the world at the touch of our own keyboards in the comfort of our own home?    And not only that, it gives me the moment to amend my travel list when I see what my blogger friends shares and where they have been, the amazing pictures they share, makes me feel like jumping on a plane the next minute to go make my dreams come true.  But at some points I don’t let my blog becomes my life.  I find time to leave the keyboard and get out there and do some other things too.  I go jogging twice a day – 5 am and 7 pm every single day, and that gives me more time away from the computer.  I am sure if I miss a jog, also the birds on the river misses me too.  It is like I have become a friend of the river and the birds. DSC_0090.JPGRoses and English homeDSC_0092.JPGAnd this summer I am thinking of joining a yoga class, I think it would reshape my life and gives me more time away from technology and I will have the chance to grow my circle of friends and communications.DSC_0074.JPGLife on the River ThamesDSC_0055.JPGWell, it is half of the year.  I am reflecting on my blog journey and I am recalling why I wanted to blog – I am a wanderer, life has given me chances of travelling and discovering the world.  Why not share the world to the world?  I love to document my passage of time, and since time waits for no one, I try my best not to let it pass me by.  The world has many doors and as long as I can do it, I will explore as many doors as I can.  If some doors are open, I will go through, and those that are closed, I will knock on them.  The world is a beautiful place, and life is a one way journey with no detours.  And that is why I took the plunge to blog, it is a way of sharing and meeting people at a distance, and it has become a fantastic voyage for me.DSC_0084.JPGAbove pics are wild green bushes and roses on the side of an English home and below are elder flowers presenting itselves on the wall.DSC_0034Therefore I’m still going to keep blogging, I’m still going to share the world to the world. And I want to make sure I stay away from the damn world of Instagram –  I will post when I get the time or when it pleases me, I don’t want to make it priority of the activities that I do.DSC_0062.JPGWell my lovely people,  above picture depicts some Peonies in a bush of greens showing its buds on the river bank.  And below are roses in the front of an English home.  I hope you are all set for the beautiful season. I will come back soon!   Hope you have a nice weekend!DSC_0079.JPGPlease note that pictures and words are my properties

8 thoughts on “A Sunset Walk and Reflecting Mid of The Year

  • Visiting your blog always makes me happy :-). Wonderful photographs on this post — the architecture of the school is so good. And the roses — at this time of the year in Houston when things are hot and steamy, to see the English roses is lovely.

    I think what you’ve said here about blogging is so spot on. I started my writing on my blog because I just had things I wanted to say — and now, I’ve found that the blogging world has indeed widened my world. It’s so wonderful to get to meet people — and I look forward to the blog visits with people who I would never have known if I had not come to WordPress. You have become one of the blog friends I look forward to walking around to visit.

    The June/Half year introspection. I do it, too. — so all my best on a wonderful summer for you, and I look forward to finding out what you’re going to do with your fall. — Ann


    • Thank you in567 for your little visit. I so happy to see you around today. Thank you for appreciating my photos. They are natural straight from my camera. I hate to use those bits of technology called photoshop, I don’t like fakeness. But I used a simple Nikon Camera which I upgraded to a new one sometime ago. Thank you for being here today. hope to see you again soon!


    • And yes, these places are lovely, tranquil, and you can spend your whole day there reading your book. Sometimes I take an early morning instead of jogging, I sit there by the river with my laptop and I write for my blog. The coolness of the morning with the calm and tranquility of the river keeps my mind fresh to create words and phrases. Hoping to read from you soon.

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    • hahahah Diana, you made me laugh, so nice reading from you. yup, my summer plan is so much wonderful, but not so much summer, mostly autumn. am still keeping the secret haha! don’t worry though, I will post pictures and you will know what the secret was soon – laugh! have a nice holiday!

      Liked by 1 person

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