My Smallest Place Dripped Blood on the Ocean

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I knew from the beginning it was not right

One loved and the other did not

But I gave it a chance for my heart to show

That I had something valuable to offer

Something that was free and penniless

It was from the smallest place in the world

And my heart was the only smallest place I could offer you


On an old stone step is where I dreamed us sat down together,

Fresh air, cool drinks, and a friendly heart free to capture, all for you

I fought that battle to win a place in that world of yours

Blinded were your eyes to see, hard was your heart to accept

Painful as it was, I preserved the love I had for you


The desert end of your homeland was I to live

No one knew of me, but you alone did

The grasses, the trees, the flowers, the birds and the rivers  

knew the smell of me.

They became the humanity I relied upon

They were the only beauties I could adore.


Those moments were single because there was only me in it.

Everything I thought you knew, was unreal and had changed

Months and months of my smallest place kept my love so real.

 A waited love with joyous thoughts of you

Shattered with no presence of yours


My plans was a mistaken project

I mourned the reality of what was and what could have been

What I thought was real, had never been real

When I thought I wanted it with you and me together

You shared yours beyond my imagination


Your friends knew of a secret, a wrong secret they kept

Are they friends?  Would a friend keep the wrong secret?

If only the earth would wish upon a friend

who could draw you a map to that

“smallest place” in the world,  a world

where there are big things with your name on it

And that’s what friends are for


Loving you was the wrong ocean I was sailing

I never found land, and my love was thirsty

My heart was dry, a wound it had built

I realised a pain, a pain I couldn’t bear to continue

my smallest place was dripping blood

I stitched my wound and I pull up my sail high

It became me, the ocean and the winds, and nobody else

I finally saw beyond the horizon


Your suitcase, I packed it for you

You want to know what happened?

Behind the door in the desert end of your hometown

A copy lay bare on your suitcase

Ask no questions, your heart arrested you


You, your friends, your mysteries, your secrets

Some riddles I solved from the palms of my feminine self

Decoding you, I grown tired of a job

I burnt the wall you built.

Regrets I have, of you not been behind the wall when I burnt it down


I’ve finally found land, I drained the ocean

 I built my bridge, I expanded my heart

 My Small Place, where a love so true waited for you

A love bigger than the world


Number one was a mistake

Number two was torture

Number three was tragedy

And if I allow Number four, a trigger I would wish


The pain, the thirst, and the stitch, was a wound I cured

A chapter I am closing and a decision I made

Is there anything else you want to know?

Well, I have filed you in my radar and not in my life

You may call it a photo album if you wish to

But the person in pictures is a no desired fruit


You may want to visit the past one day

And if ever you want to remind yourself of a love once so true

“My Smallest Place Dripped Blood on the Ocean”

Is the name of the “Dossier.”


Mama told me there’d be days like this!

Please note that drawing and words belongs to me (drawing made & signed by myself)  Should you want to share my writings, please do so with my link as my permission.  Thank you!

9 thoughts on “My Smallest Place Dripped Blood on the Ocean

    • Good afternoon Diana! I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and that mum n dad are happy and healthy. I feel good to have read from you today. I never thought that this poem was going to be ever written. I wrote within a few minutes. I only started the first or second phrase, and I ended up with some paragraphs of lessons that many of us have went through at some crossroads of our lives. But well, I am glad you liked it and thank you for stopping here today. So nice of you. You gave me the courage to keep blogging! Thank you and have a wonderful summer and be careful of heatwaves. Hugs and Kisses.

      Liked by 1 person

  • Ah, the landscape of love is fraught with the unknown. This is a very powerful poem with great imagery. I particularly like your comparison of love as an ocean where no land can be found and still love is thirsty. I also like the contrast between the ocean and the desert. Wonderful, reflective piece, great work!

    Liked by 2 people

    • oh Lana, thank you ever so much for your wonderful words. You gave me the reasons to keep blogging. I was wondering what to write, and this idea only popped round my imagination and so therefore I started writing and whilst writing, the more I wrote, the image of this poem framed my brain and came to light. Sometimes I ask myself, “am I writing rubbish or am I writing something good that my blogger friends can read?” – laugh! hahaha. I am glad you loved this poem, and thank so much for visiting me. Your little visit made me so happy. Well have a good weekend and let’s hope we will communicate soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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