Unnoticed for Twenty Years

Just a Summer Table Setting
DSC_0001Hello everybody,  it’s been a couple of days since I made a post.  And the weather has been too hot with heatwaves, and it has been what we wanted for a long time, but with that kind of heat we embraced, it kept me away from writing.  But well I am here once again.  

I am still loving my set of plates – “Luminarc“ –  made in France, which I bought some twenty years ago and have since been used once if not twice and were then put away and I don’t know why I did not use them for all those years.   But well, some days ago I decided to tidy up all of my crockeries from the cupboard, and I came across them.  Thought I would make a table set up with them for a summer photo-shoot.  I love the look of weathered and virgin materials that are shabby and very elegant in its time-worn beauty.  Also a touch of some beautiful flower arrangements in clear jars combined together defines that momentum look of a beautiful table dress up – in my own way. DSC_0003Exploiting my imagination, I favoured these beautiful “Luminarc” plates with orange, yellow and red flower designs, was my ideas to do a miss-match sort of table dress-up.  Since the jar is no colour, they do match with the colourful flowers in the plates.    I also added a pretty crocheted doily with pink and red borders to add a colourful touch to the white table cloth.  

Tidying up of my cupboards was a cheery discovery of some beautiful 20 year old treasures.  I have always expanded my collection of antique crockeries – a set of eight, how can I be more right otherwise.  I also have had a few sets of vintage spoons, forks and knives that I collected for many years, to match along with the design and table dress up. DSC_0015Roses and green foliage have been my taste for this table dress-up since the colours of the green matches with my white table cover and matches with the white color of the plates, I couldn’t be more than just right here.  

I purchased some small side plates together with my set of eight, and thought I would use them for the photoshoot.  They are very pretty to use them for fruits, cakes, and vegetable bites.DSC_0004Tablecloth was home crafted by myself.  I used a left over piece of fabric which I have heard many times, “throw away no pieces of fabric.”  It is true, since I don’t really like White table cloth, but I have this one.  What a piece I have made for myself in the end.  If I can tell you something, “I don’t mind having my white table cloth, since it can be used with colorful crockeries.  

I adore the pictures,   I feel content to see the display on the screen in front of me.  How strange things are and have become in this modern world.  We no longer need to print pictures in the photo shops if we don’t want to, and we can share them with families, friends, acquaintances, and the whole world together can also see them, only from the comfort of our home.DSC_0015 - CopyWell my beautiful friends, this is all I had to share with you today.  Enjoy your summer season as much as I am doing mine!    

I will catch up with you soon.  JuliDSC_0003 - CopyPlease note that words and pictures are my properties!


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