The Torn Book

My Life and Books213When I was young if I can still remember as far as 6 years old I started reading by myself.  When I reached teenage-hood, I was a bookworm.  I even hid myself in the bathroom pretending I am going to have a bath only to read so I don’t do chores my mum asked me to do.  I was a silly teenager, a real silly one – “laugh.”  I couldn’t live without books, and I was good at anything in “English” in my class.  I read the whole of Enid Blyton group of books you could ever know. 

Until I was 25 years old, I became a mother to be, gave birth and I lost the reading senses because my reading habit got trapped between my profession and motherhood.  But well I have read books occasionally since then.  Now that my girl is grown up and no home work after school hours, I curl up with a book every night, even a few pages, before I finally close my light for the day. 206Some years ago I became a worried mum because my daughter had become a bookworm too and she read a book in less than 24 hours.  I worked my mind around her so hard to make her try and stay away from only reading too much like she was doing.  I started to do activities outside the home when she is free to keep her away from books for a bit.  At least actually after she graduated from university, she became busy with other things and her life got busy, she has now taken a big break from reading, she read when she has time enough to do so.  I am glad that she still reads, but not like she used to do so.  205And when I was around thirteen years old, I read a book entitled “The Writing on The Wall.”  The book could have been written between the 60’s and 70’s.  I cannot even remember the name of the Author.  As far as I could remember is that the book was a very interesting story, but I just cannot recall what it was all about – you see – I was so young, and I would love to read the book again.  I have made searches for many years, and my search for that book has been in vain.   I have seen some titles of “The Writing on The Wall,” but they were not the book that I was looking for.  I wish one day I could find a copy.  I remember that the book was hard cover, and it was quite an old book.  It had the drawing of a young boy or girl stood by a wall with the graffiti written on the wall “The Writing on The Wall.”  And if anyone who reads my post could have an idea of that book, would be glad to have your ideas.  Thank you.

I am a collector and lover of old vintage books.  I even collected some books when my daughter was 12 years old.  These books dated before I was even born.  Meaning that girls who read those books could over in their sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties years of age or some of them could have well passed away.  DSC_0012The “Hans Handersen’s” Fairy Stories has a handwriting inside saying “a very jolly Christmas Audrey, love Girtie, Xmas 1922.”  I cannot believe that this book has been kept for well over ninety years.  From the date it was given to the girl “Audrey” this book has been around for 95 years.   And I will keep this book for as long as I can.  I have made search for this book, I came up with same title but newly written.  I couldn’t find this copy I am having.  I would imagine the one I have if it was given at Christmas in 1922, is the one of the first original copies.  I am glad I found this book in a charity shop some 10 years ago.  DSC_0015The book “CHAMPION BOOK FOR GIRLS” was a gift to a lady or girl named “Kathleen”  at Christmas 1946.  And “THE MODERN BOOK FOR GIRLS” was a gift to “Janet from from John and Muriel” and also dated 1948.202The  “SCHOOL GIRLS STORY BOOK” has a sticky note on the inside of the cover which was printed “Baptist Sunday School, West Lane, Hanworth” and presented to “Freda Walker” dated 22nd December 1940.”203The book “WINNING THROUGH” – Stories for Girls” was a gift to a girl named Margaret Seabrook at Christmas 1952.  She also wrote her full home address which I would not take the risk to write on the public blog.  She lived in Devon in the South West of England but I bought the book in West London.  DSC_0021

DSC_0026Such amazing stories of some old books dated so many decades ago which have been kept in some book shelves for many years and I am so glad they have fallen into my hands.  I am not only going to keep them because of their age, since my work is involved with vintage interiors, I love using old books when it comes to doing my own decorations in my home.212 And Plus one day, few years ago, I was reading from one of my favourite authors “Maeve Binchy,” I put down my book and went to get a drink, my dog torn pages from the book.  After then I realised it was passed her time to go for her dog walk, she got angry, thinking mummy was not giving her some love – until today I still laugh at my dog, Alice, and the book.  I shall never forget “the torn book.”204

11 thoughts on “The Torn Book

    • Thank you Deborah. I think the one I am searching is nowhere to be found. The one I read belonged to my school library when I was around 13 or 14 years old. Been many years, and I have always thought of that book. For many years I have been searching. I don’t want to lose confidence, I hope one day I will come across it. I will know which one it is because I still have the picture of the cover of the book at the back of my mind. Fingers cross! Thank you for the link.

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  • What a neat post! You have some wonderful, old books. I love the colorful covers on them. Maeve Binchy was also one of my favorites. I was able to keep my adoration for reading through the first three children. It was my way to relax in the evening, escape to another life. Now, with writing, I don’t have as much time. This year I made it a goal to start reading more, and now have nineteen books under my belt for 2017. It doesn’t sound like much compared to what I would have once read in about a month! 😉

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  • Such gorgeous book photos, Juli! I love that you decorate with them, you are so talented. Decorating is something I’m not too good at. I have a few old books too, kept some from when my girls were young in the 1980s (given to them by their grandparents). They date, I believe, from the 1960s. I was also a huge bookworm growing up in the rural areas of Texas, there wasn’t much else to do, ha ha. I also had to give up much of my reading time when I reached adulthood with raising kids and working. Now, my kids have all left the nest, but I find that there is still much on my plate, so basically I have the choice between reading and writing my own lame stories. I figure that I need to go ahead and write and get it out of my system, at least for awhile. However; I am sneaking a couple books in this summer!


    • haha Thank you Lana. Very true, when kids starts to come, we tend to lose lots of those single moments (especially the crazy days) haha tell me about it. Yes I love decorating with old books. Though my girl is grown up I still have lots to do but I do find time to open a book on some days. But well it’s all about life. We “mums” will survive! Enjoy the sunshine and take care.

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