When Life Gives Me Beautiful Things, I Take Pictures!

Uplifting the past and make them live with us again!EMBROIDERY CUSHION 005Hello sweet people!  Well, here we are…embracing the month of July 2017!  The wild flowers and shrubs are blooming everywhere, and ships of all shapes and sizes are “blooming” on the river too.   I am not a botanist, so alas, I cannot discern most of these flowers, but they certainly are very pretty!DSC_0022.JPGI’m not feeling particularly wordy today. But the reason I am writing is I mostly just wanted to post a few photos that I took the other day. I’ve been working hard at my blog, I stayed up until the wee hours of last night uploading photos for this post because I have promised myself that this year I need to give my blog some good level of attention.QUILT 028But then you know what happens?  I start getting busy cutting fabrics and sewing.  I have even made a new interior decorating plan.  I have moved my “old” round table into a new position and have fixed some other bits and pieces around the home.  I only just felt that I wanted a new look this summer.QUILT 001I finished the last touch with my quilt, and I have also made some “quilting cushions” so I thought I’d share them with you in this post.  I have mentioned about them time and time and again in some of my previous posts, and here I am splashing their beauties. “When life gives me beautiful things, I take pictures.”QUILT 023Well I also had many left over pieces of fabrics that I had sewn them into these two cushion covers below.  And did you notice something?  I made my own design by cutting the pieces of fabrics into different sizes, and I still gave them a go ahead and I crafted them together to give them that real vintage look of how it was sewn long, long time ago. It reminded me that my grandmother did not measure the pieces of fabric, but she only crafted them pieces together, and she had the most beautiful vintage quilted cushions I could ever imagine.   And I have done same with mine and  I hope I will get your thoughts on them.  Just cannot wait to read from you.PAIR OF CUSHION QUILT 002I collect lots of vintage embroideries such as table covers.  But another thing is that I don’t use and keep them in their original vestige, but I re-invent them in something else that would greet my friends and families’ ideas in a special way that they will want them back again in a new ideal view of how it wasn’t originally made previously.  I cut out some table covers and made these two beautiful pairs of cushions – as per picture below.TWO CUSHIONS EMBROIDERY CROCHET 307

AN EMBROIDERY CHAIR - BNot only that I love working with vintage embroideries, I also collect crocheting.  Again I re-invent them and craft them into my own design for cushion covers.  I imagine in this modern world, there are lots of vestige that have actually gone unnoticed that the stream of humanity sees them as a “thing” of the past.  They can still be reminisced and re-invented into cutting and fixing, bring them into our home and live with them in a new touch of vestige gone vintage modern, why not?CHAIR CROCHET CUSHION 001I am fortunate that the temperature was so cool yesterday since I needed that kind of warm day to shoot the pictures. “Lucky crocodile I am,” it’s been so far so good!  It was so wonderful to have been working with my finished crafts and it wasn’t that hard to show them off in pictures.  I so much enjoyed that cool breeze, it was an amazing day.  Anyway, I finally managed to grab a few things, put them together and took some photos.CUSHION QUILT 206I stopped by my home shop some days ago and I collected some new cushion pads.  Since many of you may not know it, manufacturers do cheat us when they fill up the inner covers with the fillings.  For example if the sizes of the “inner covers” are 18”X18”, after you have tucked the cushion pads in the cushion covers which is also 18”X18”, you find out the cushions do not stand properly and it just look ugly and weird, because they did not put enough fillings.  And this is because the manufacturers are cheaters.  (Therefore this is for you all to note it down – just a fair thought for your mind – might be seamstresses know this little secret better than those who don’t sew).  Well, after I got home I opened the new cushion pads and I refilled them in new white inner covers which I made myself from poplin fabric since it is stronger than the inner covers that manufacturers uses for the fillings.  And the sizes are right and when I tucked them inside the cushion covers, they all stand nice, neat, tidy and beautiful.  As you see in pictures below. CUSHION QUILT 209

CUSHION QUILT 106 CHAIRI am craving for lots of sunshine tomorrow. Before I leave there is some good news for you.  I will soon be starting to make bedding and curtains for children’s bedrooms.  But mind you, I will not be using any children’s characters that do not belong to me.  I will only be making my own designs by using simple cotton fabric in very light baby colours, mixing them pieces together and getting the beautiful finish that any girl or boy would love to decorate their bedrooms.  Just bringing back that little vintage touch that grandma and mum made for us long ago – do you all remember those days?  I do!  So don’t forget to tune in for the latest soon.  But I definitely will let you know.CROCHET CUSHION 015Well, that’s all for today. I hope you have all enjoyed the season of spring and actually you must be feeling the touch of summer at your windows.  Are you already wearing your flip-flops and shorts?  Bless your hearts!CUSHION QUILT 211I must get on with the rest of today’s chores, farewell for now.  Best wishes for a beautiful Sunday!

JuliQUILT 015

10 thoughts on “When Life Gives Me Beautiful Things, I Take Pictures!

  • Absolutely lovely pillow! It’s to make special treasures like this, that I had bought me a small sewing machine and collected pretty fabrics through the years. But oy, I just couldn’t seem to learn how to use that sewing machine at all. Great job, Juli!

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    • In my advice to you is to go on you tube and typed “sewing cushions” or “sewing curtains” there are loads. and also you can find how to use your sewing machine, there are lesson on you-tube, oh please, you, would be great to see your arts, get down and sew some beautiful things and post them. I am waiting to see them. So pleased that you stopped by. Have a wonderful weekend.


  • Hi Lana, it is 3.30 am here, just woke up and having a hot cuppa. Thank you for your little visit. It was nice reading from you. Of course you can write a book that can sell better than your children’s books, why not. It starts now, just put down pen on paper, whilst the first phrase will give you the whole story haha, and you know it already. You have a good Wednesday!


  • Oh, Juli, you are so talented! I just love these beautiful linens. I do have a deep love and fascination of the past, maybe because my grandmother had a lot of quilts and she did needlework also. I adore them, and they are so expensive now if you purchase here in antique stores. I do have several pieces of antique furniture that I enjoy. I have been busy refinishing a tea table that belonged to my grandmother. Lots of sanding and hard work, but it will be worth it. Have fun with your beautiful crafts they just bring light and freshness to summer! 😀 P.S…..blogging is hard work, isn’t it?

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    • oh Lana, at some points I was right to quit my over many odd years of services in my Administrative Career. I knew something was missing and I wanted to do my own things or else that I can handle my family life at a pace that I don’t have bosses above me, you know what I mean. I went to college and studied interior decor and after I graduated, I took on board working with fabrics. And here I am enjoying them every single day. I can now control my daily life in the most manner I could. I plan my holidays the way I want. The journey is great. I am enjoying every minute of it. Just like you, I cannot find a way to get rid of the past. I love anything vintage. I wish my grandma’s and mum’s wardrobes were still around with all those clothes in them, but sadly I was so young when grandma passed away. and when mum left, I was far away from her. So well, my life I must live. Thank you for your kind words, you lifted my spirit. It’s been nice meeting with you. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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      • Oh I know what you mean, I wish so that I could do creative work and get paid for it and not have to spend all those hours in an office or a classroom to earn small money. I’m hoping one day I will write a book that sells, at least better than my children’s books have, ha ha!

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