Bastille Day In France


Bastille Day - Eiffel TowerJuly the 14th – French National DayCelebrated on the 14th of July, Bastille Day is the national day in the lives of the French nation and it is the most important bank holiday in France.Bastille Day - flagsYou may asked what is the “Bastille Day” – well it all happened on the 14th July 1789, when the whole of Paris stormed and broke into the prison setting free its prisoners.  The Bastille which is a medieval fortress and prison in Paris, was a symbol of tyrannical bourbon authority in Paris and had held many political prisoners.The French Bastille day is a national fete that creates popular celebrations in the street of Paris as well as in villages and towns all across France. Bastille - nieuport planeIn Paris, precisely on the Champs Elysees, there is a military parade, which is the oldest and largest parade in European soil, and the French Air Force, carry out flying in the sky spreading the creations of Blue, White and Red.   The President of the Republic and invitees also attend this parade after which a speech by him to his people is made.Bastille Day air show

Bastille FireworksFireworks, social gatherings in cafes and restaurants are seen in the whole of Paris and villages.  The French people dresses in “tricolore,” blue, white and red and they sing the “Marseillaise,” which is the “French Anthem, following glasses of wine and champagne.Bastille Day RestaurantIn villages in France, the Bastille Day is celebrated on the day before, since the 14th July becomes an advantage of a relaxing public holiday.  This well-known liberated of prisoners from the storming of the Bastille has become a touchstone in the appellation of uprising and Liberty all over the world.Bastille Day - ParisConquering the prison, an ideogram of the primitive sovereignty, verily manifested the epilogue of Louis XVI’s irrevocable ascendancy and effectuated France to the three crème de la crème of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Bastille DAy Bridge over Seine RiverBastille Day created the National Holiday in 1790, initially called “Fete de la Federation” to celebrate the first anniversary of the day they conquered the Bastille and the end of the French Revolution.Bastille Day - The Great Palace - Grande PalaisBastille Day has been since been known and celebrated as creation of a sovereign nation and became the “First” Republic of France in (1792).Bastille Day Sacred Heart - Sacre Coeur de ParisI wish the French Nation a wonderful celebrations of the 14th July and many more years of prosperity!  I love France! I love Paris!

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