Not Much Happening – Just Some Tough Days

The adventure of Macey and the fire that happened 40 years ago.  Macey is only 15 years old!002Hi everyone!

Wow, I just can’t believe it is August and we are through, we can’t deny it.  It is the second week and almost over. DSC_0090I have not blogged for almost two or three weeks, and I have not gotten even time to check my reader to see what my fellow bloggers been up to and to leave them a little note in their comments box.  I did not forget about you lot, my days have been hectic, busy, and tough. DSC_0092I couldn’t spoil my early mornings, since I go jogging down the river.  After then, the day took its toll, packing up, sewing, crafting.  And since packing up is not my kind of tides, I am having some back aches.  I am at all four corners of my little fabric world. One minute packing, the other minute sewing and then cooking, and back packing again, I am all over the place and I don’t seem to know what I am doing.DSC_0007Much of, we have been keeping very healthy with lots of vegetables which have been on the menu most days and with plenty of sleeps. DSC_0016The temperature has changed, gone a bit cooler, with wonderful sunshine, but kind of still good to go out there and enjoy a good walk.  And not to forget we had plenty of rain.  But I did manage to go out and do my usual home weekly shopping.DSC_0005Some days ago while packing up and giving away things to the Charity Shops, I came across a very old clock that I kept in a drawer many years ago.  It was as old as you can see in the picture.  I received this clock from “Elodie,” who was my one and only neighbour, kind of like an adopted mother.  We were friends for more than 15 years (I have a story written about her which will come to my blog soon).  Well I have kept the clock since it is so emotional and one of my greatest keepsake forever.  Old as it is, still it works its best.DSC_0072And with all those tough days I have been having, my internet was not working properly.  Two engineers sent on two different occasions, and still after they left, my internet went bust.  Called back my net-work, and a third engineer happened to be.  Since then my internet has been a darling and is working just as fine and how I wanted it to be.  Bless me!DSC_0014With all the rough days, I was able to fix myself up and I have been able to get some time to read my book every night before I sleep.  And guess, my title is “Burning Up” – by Caroline B. Cooney and here it goes – “Macey has been living in the same town all her life.  She is fifteen.  Everything was easy.  Not anymore.

A secret from the past is about to explode into her life.  A secret no one will discuss.  Forty years ago there was a fire across the road from her grandparents.  A fire which never quite died down and a man were driven out of town never to return.

The stench of smoke is everywhere.  Someone has set Macey’s world on fire.  Does she really want to know the truth?”

And last night I reached that part of the story where Macey asked her friend’s grandmother about the fire.  I was craving last night to read that chapter, but my eyes were calling for some sleep, too tired I closed the book and to continue today. I am anxious to learn more of Macey and the fire – haha!DSC_0008Well my sweet friends, I wish I had some more vibes to tell you.  Well I will love you and leave you.   Hoping to come back so quickly.  Wish you all a warm and wonderful weekend!DSC_0068

9 thoughts on “Not Much Happening – Just Some Tough Days

  • I can tell that you’ve been busy, Juli, but some time for reading and good food and sleep is all good. And yes, summer is racing by. I love the old clock – I like old things in general. It’s lovely. Enjoy the next weeks as autumn isn’t far away. ❤

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    • Hi Diana, it’s been a while, thank you for stopping by. Busy?? yes I have been. My old clock is too sentimental to let go. a big story behind that, I wrote a story about it, will come to my blog when I am ready for it. Yes summer is passing us by, but the weather is still good and enjoying that last summer sunshine. I love Autumn, waiting for the colorful leaves to show up, we need some pictures and some autumn posts at blogging haha! You take care too and have a lovely week Diana!

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  • Oh Juli, I know what you mean about the summer going by so fast! I am off from teaching during the summer, and I always have such high hopes to accomplish things, yet also set aside to read and relax. I have not done one bit of reading and relaxing! I know what you mean about going through things and packing up. I did a lot of that this summer as my mother passed away in April. I sold some things, donated things, gifted things. It took me about a month to clear out storage areas. Simply exhausting. I make jewelry also as a side job, and have been having to get a lot of new beads and things this summer to get some new things out. I also injured my back during last summer’s madness while working on my house, so I know how you feel. I hope you are feeling better now and good to see that you are eating healthy and getting lots of rest. Great to see you blogging again!

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    • Good Morning Lana. It was great to read from you once again. Nice to learn that you have been working hard and summer months are the best months to do all these type of jobs. Yes I have been working so hard here and the days have been tough. But I have managed to sort things out and things have gone from bad to good, got rid of a lot of things. This weekend I am only doing a quilt, just playing with some beautiful pieces of cut fabrics and adding them together, and it is getting prettier and prettier until I finish it. Cannot wait to see the whole thing done. Oh I love jewelries, beads. I have loads and loads I have collected over 20 years and them I just cannot get rid of them, my daughter wants to keep them for more years since they will be forever vintage after all those years. I wish you good luck with your jewelry business, hoping to see you selling on your blog if you ever make a web through your blog, it would be great to know and see them. Right, you take care now and have a wonderful weekend. The weather is great down here.

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      • So glad you are having nice weather, Juli. We have actually had a nice summer as far as high temperatures have gone which is very unusual for us! I’ll bet you have a great time with your fabrics from India! I did think about starting a crafting blog, but having so many sites to keep up takes so much time. I might do a post about jewelry and put up some of my jewelry photos in the future. I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of August, take good care of yourself!

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      • Thank you Lana. You don’t have to start a crafting blog, you can only add a page on top of your blog where you can post about your crafts and that will be much easier for your to run one blog only. I was thinking about mine blog too since I have in mind of make each title a page like Recipec & Cooking, travel, Life at home, and or Crafting. I haven’t taken a decision if I am going to do it yet. I am still thinking about it. Well I hope you will do a craft page. It will be nice to see your crafts.

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