The Lonely Sunflower

002I was amazed to meet with the lonely sunflower face to face today during my morning walk.   I go past the same exact place every day when I jog, but only today I found out there was a sunflower. I think the flower was too high, and I hadn’t looked further up to find out something was looking at me.   Not only did I thought it was a “lonely sunflower,” but it was very tall and amazingly beautiful.003Being the second week of September, here we are still enjoying some beautiful blooms which is a call for the end of Autumn.  And since my town are still blooming I am sharing with you my day out on the town.016The pathway down Church Street was amazingly colourful with all the flowers still blooming, which made it looked more like a Spring or Summer day.  I captured pictures of some of those blooms to share with you.006

011Since September is just as nice as August and summer is fading before our very own eyes, it is known as the gathering or harvest season.  All the fruits and vegetable are collected from the farms and gardens.  209Harvest means families and friends gets together, share the foods they have gathered, and enjoyed the last days of sunshine, fun and adventure that comes with the great season we call summer.vegetables-2179845_1920The season has started to change, the leaves over here are still green with some yellow and red colours that are starting to show, and even some of the bushes have already mustered their beautiful autumn colours of yellow, red and orange.  058.JPGIt is hard to believe that we are living the month of September, and sooner the 22nd will knock on us to say that officially autumn has stumbled over the sunny days.  Some roses are still in full bloom which I had the courage to bring you some of their pictures.

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The days will get longer and every morning is even getting cooler than yesterday.  I cannot wait to embrace the vibrant colours of autumn since the chestnuts will be falling down.  My friend already reminded me that we will be going to pick up chestnuts.  Will we be competing against the squirrels?   Well every year I make a touch of autumn at home, but this year I am not changing any colours until Christmas.  But surely I will be making some autumn flower arrangements only.   My little town was still bearing some summer colours mixed with the early autumn touches of red green and yellow as shown below.

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The birth flowers for September are forget-me-not, morning glory and aster

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I am so glad I live in a world where there is autumn!  Banana leaves and fading vines were showing its final attempt to please the early autumn days.041.JPGWell my friends, that is all I wanted you to read from me today.  Enjoy these last days of autumn until next year.  I really hope there would be a next year.005010

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