Why I Got Involved With Social Media

DSC_0013Social media has become the affluence of the newsy world.

This is an unreal and phenomenal entity, an existent that rules to influence me and the rest of the world.  The reality of the internet is that it is well fed with intelligent streams of humanity sending and sharing knowledge, all at unrestricted pace.

I love writing.  And when I face that kind of moment to write, I take a “French leave” to concentrate on the preparation of what I am going to write about.  When I was a school girl, I wrote stories in my own words after I had finished reading a book.  And by the time I invaded the teenager world, writing short stories became my hobby. I felt so good when my teachers told me how inventive my stories were and I felt overwhelmed and motivated to keep on writing. And today, writing has moulded me into who I am, “a savoir faire of unblended joie de vivre, morality, imaginative or creativity.”

Social networking is a process of using my Laptop or computer, ipad and smartphone and scribbling some ideas on paper.  It also gives me the priority to connect with other people, build friendships and search for many interesting facets.  I may end up reunited with people whom we drifted unalike, special friends, acquaintances, or even families I had never known. I am aware that social networking is also the art of communicating with the outside world at the pace of my own home and on the go. 

Social media gives me the chance to Exercise of sending private messages to those with whom I am connected to.  It is always a virtue I should contemplate applying this alternative instead of disclosing exclusive knowledge on a communal glaring folio. 

Today’s society enjoys reaching for lectures on blogs now that blogging has taken its toll in the media flavours of communication and sharing.  It has become one of the most beautiful and interesting online journals of all time.  And my involvement with the social media is to share the little fabric of my own world and my work, my travel and my hobby at my own blog.  I love sharing just about anything I see interesting or picturesque in my view, close or in the distance.  Since vintage crafting for interior decorating is one of my favourite bustles of the daily passage of my life, I spread them to the world.  Sharing a bit of what I love doing at family level is another topic that I would also write about – some creative things I do.  Social networking is a very interesting movement that doesn’t close, it remains open 24 hours and we are all able to relate with humanity all over the world.

With the telecommunication expansions that have eventuated more than a hundred years ago, sharing our longhand globally has actually become a quotidian aspect..  It was kind of apparent that I’d travel into blogging I reckon. 

Social Media is imaginative, creative and inspiring.  We cannot deny that it has become a playground with talented beings from all walks of life.  And blogging is one big community which is challenging the world with diverse activities from health, lifestyle, fitness, photography, home, books, and many more to choose from if we are looking for something we want to read.   I am not afraid to say that I am part of this big playground. I have quite a few blogs that I follow and I love reading about travel, home life, interiors and decorating, crafting, antiques and vintage, gardening and fashion, and a few more to name.  They are all unique in their own ideas of what they share to us.  I also like sharing my writings in my own fresh ideas. 

I sometimes write and share other inspirations about various, miscellaneous and divergent topic of social impacts that swivels and changes au milieu of our own realm.

Since I joined the social media arena, I have achieved a great deal of experiences of what is happening in the outside world.  Blogging is fun, but it can also be fatal, depending what kind of posts or comments we share to the crowds.  People have lost jobs, sued, or jailed in infrequent cases where abuse had caused offence on social network.

A critical mistake many bloggers cast is wasting time stressing them-selves to increase followers. These are self-regard and useless, that doesn’t produce results. It also takes years to organically mushroom a well fed following. Don’t plunge into this ruse.

The most important decision to content yourself with is to think about the people who are already your followers.  Rely upon them and find out what they write about.  Most probably you will love their blogs and the theme they write about.  You both will bond and the more you share comments to their posts, not only will they comment on yours, but remember this is the way you will guarantee yourselves the audience that you are looking for.  Your followers will become theirs and their followers will see your comments and they will want to know who you are, and that is how you will slowly, slowly gather followers for your blog.  Running to gather numbers is not important at blogging, it is about the people who join you in your ride and those who remain.  Numbers can decrease since some people can remove themselves as followers, and if you are judging numbers, you can end up getting angry at yourselves.  Therefore followers who stay are the seeds who love your garden, which means they are interested in what you share and they will become the blooms and the blooms are the energy that keeps you writing.

And open some blogs, read about them, “like” some topics that you find interesting.  Don’t worry yourself to follow someone if you think their blog is not what interests you so much, but at some points, everyone writes some interesting topics.  But still some of their posts would invite you to either LIKE or write a comment, you can’t escape without one or the other.  In the end you may end up loving their blogs.  

When raising a social wraith one needs to expand relationships at networking occurrence.  Demonstrate that you have literally perused their blogs and read a few posts and made at least one comment and this will grant you the chance to emerge from the uproar and be noticed.

There are many popular social criss-cross surfacing in the story of networks.  Many of them are those such as face book, twitter, Google+, pinterest, Instagram and many more.  And since blogging have become one of the most popular activities, I have fallen into its sphere and I love it more than any other joy of what have been previously.  Blogs are platforms for which we use our mind, we plan words, we make pictures, and then we share them to the world.  And it is a joy to read the comments of followers about what we write and this kind of ambiance, is not only what our followers only see, but they get to know who we are by what we love to share with them.  It is like we are opening up about ourselves, what kind of personality we are and what we love only by the way we present ourselves in writing. 

Actually I am not so much affiliated with face book.  I did face book for a couple of years, and at some point I became fed up of it and I am resting away from it.   Though we say that technology brought a process that connects us with the world in one way or another, but there are some platforms that have become exhausting to use.  Face Book is one of them that people don’t really communicate in the best level we thought they would.  We are like teenagers using emoticon which is more like “ok I will click or press “a round yellow smiley face” so that my friend will imagine I have been there,” then finished, friends or even families are done with you.  I have rarely found a comment at face book, one of my real experiences.  For me Face Book was such a place that “personally” I found nothing but hypocrites, enemies, farce, liars that I deleted all of them.  Most of them people were those people I had known from school days to my early thirties whom I thought were genuine.  I decided it was better to distance myself from some sort of social media venue.

Well lovely people, you may have found yourself reading some blogs as well as mine today.  I am already guessing ideas of what topic to cover next!

I hope you have enjoyed reading mine and let me wish you all a very happy weekend! Take care of yourselves and hope autumn is treating you good.  Have fun at pumpkin season!technologyThe post is my property!

12 thoughts on “Why I Got Involved With Social Media

  • My grown children and friends are on Facebook but I have only looked over their shoulder to see their friends’ news. I liked to write essays and all three first years of WP were essays or stories.
    You have found some wonderful people, Diana, Lana and Cindy are ones it took me awhile to find. ~Robin

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  • I agree about FB as well. But with all the schools using it, I have to stay connected with it, to keep up with my kids activities and school. That’s why I started using it…besides it becomes such a time suck, I get on to check 1 thing and and 2 hours later..I’m still on it!!! UGH

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  • Lovely post highlighting the benefits and joys of social media. I agree with you, Juli, that not all platforms are alike. I love WP and the connections that come through other blogs, but facebook is not a favorite. I haven’t shut it down, because it does serve some purposes (staying connected with family), but I’m not on it much either. Have a wonderful day, my friend. ❤

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  • You are correct about social media, Juli. It is both fascinating and can also be annoying (in terms of Facebook). There are so many neat blogs out there and we can learn about so many different topics. I really love the blogging community on WordPress and have made some outstanding friends. You are also correct in saying not to worry about followers, that will happen in due time, and yes, interaction is a must. Interesting post, Juli! 😀

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  • I couldn’t agree more with your comment about FaceBook! I’ve had an account since 2007, mainly to stay in touch with our daughters at school. After about a year, I shut it down because of all that you mentioned. Then because I keep hearing that FaceBook, etc. should be part of your writing platform, I opened it up again in 2015. It is the only one I use, but again, I’m pretty much done with it. Great post! I hope your autumn is going well!


    • Hi Deborah. Good morning from Europe!
      Thank you for reading and leaving me a comment. Thank you for understanding such aspect of some behaviors at face book. I am glad that you liked the post of mine and thank you for reading. Yes I am having a wonderful autumn and the weather is still great, so cool. I am loving the colours of the leaves. And you too, enjoy your autumn season. Hoping to read from you soon again.

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