When will the world be at peace?

004 - Peach roses, berries, and gardenia foliage make up this special arrangement nestled in a Birch skin container

Dear friends.

I am here today, writing this blog with a worried and sad heart, but blogging is a way to express our feelings though not our private lives, but it is a platform to bring out what we feel about our world.  After weeks of listening to the news about Hurricanes in the Caribbean and the USA, Storms in the north of Great Britain, India and many more countries suffering with same atrocities of “natural power.”  People have lost their lives, relatives lost homes and belongings, then comes all the hateful terror attacks, wars here, wars there, innocents dying for doing nothing wrong. 

It is so hard to put emotions into words, and after then it reminds me that I have to help myself to get back in my usual mood and just pray that everyone affected by all those hurtful tragedies will come back to terms and that help will reach them and their lives will pick up from there.  My heart and prayers go out to all of them who have been affected by all those natural disasters and that peace and tranquility will find them sooner. 


I just read from some news that there are another eleven storms coming to batter Britain and I hope we are all ready to embrace what we don’t know yet.  I pray that nature itself will find a way to calm down and give a chance to those who are already picking up the aftermath of what had been.  

Bless this world!

Thank you for reading!001 -Autumn

4 thoughts on “When will the world be at peace?

  • I join you in praying for peace, restoration and healing. Such challenging times we’re living through and like you, when I start to feel overpowered and hopeless, I have to remind myself that being still and praying is the best medicine I can send out to the world. Blessings to you, dear one.

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    • Hi Diana. thank you for visiting me. The destruction of nature is so bad, injustice within itself. It is like nature is claiming their world they had before we emerged to live with them. It is massively some tragedies that we think it will died down, but eventually catching up with us bigger and bigger. It is becoming too scary and all we left to think of is “What next and how it will happen should it come back again?” Thank you for your little note, I just love reading from you. Take care and good night!

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