I Have Unfolded

025Three Years Ago – 23rd October 2014

I am so late for this today, since I should have prepared my post some days in advance.  But never mind, I am here now. 

Three years ago on that same faithful bright day, I joined the streams of humanity – I entered the blogging world. 

And my first post was “Sharing my world to the world.” Well, oh my days.  I wrote my first post and within a few minutes I hit the “publish” button, and sent my first blogging post to the world.  I cannot imagine three years later, I am still blogging. How have all those months and years gone by so quickly.   

I have unfolded – Period.

When I look back on my days, there are lots of things that I was not told about them, they are not things that should have been part of my upbringing, but as we all may well know there are lots of things we could have heard about that could have prevented us not to do it this way or that way.  Places that we shouldn’t have been but we did and lots of things that when we think about them, we go in deep thoughts and reflect, “did it really happen?” “Have I done it or have I said it?” Every action has caused a reaction that have changed us to the persons we have become. 

To be honest, I don’t regret anything I have done, I have learned so well upon the way.  I have created my own storms and when it rained, I became upset and I cried my tears, and that is how I became strong and had let go of things I shouldn’t turn back at them anew, but instead I continued my journey. 

I have reached dangerous bends on the way, and I have entered into many tempting parking spaces, we all do at some stages in our lives, I have never been alone in all those experiences of life.  We all have a story to tell.

There was consistently something to ascertain from every prominence that I have seasoned hitherto.  When I look back I felt that I have germinated, emerged, flourished and spread so much as an individual that often times I am fearful that I was blind of all the shades to my uniqueness and self.

Believe me, each and every person who happened to forge into my existence, eventuated for a cause and I straightway apprehended and I can eventually feel the delight that I am a survivor.  I will never be able to inscribe it as I have skilfully tasted it.

I may never become the most impressive person, but through the good, the misunderstanding and certain unawareness that inhabits within me I can create footprints that could inspires many hearts.  Some bits of me shred to pieces surmising of the people that once upon a time were dear to my heart have nowadays left.  For some people, I held the door open for them since their perfume was too poisonous and was destroying my pride and confidence.  My inner self only expected that it won’t stop desiring for the better side of them and I cannot believe if it is only me or is it some of you too.

And after all I came out convinced and more telling as a unique and typical person.  I have been through storms when I manifested nothing and subsequently there were the sidereal days when I sensed I am the recast and the manoeuvre disc of hope in so many living profiles.

The grin that you behold in my visage has travelled across many speechless and untold battles that no one will ever get to overhear, not because they are adrift, but since they are my wealth to keep.  I have unfolded

I have been battered, back-stabbed and betrayed. I became a faded soul, but I never gave up.  I ploughed my land uphill until I vanquished where I collapsed.  I ascertained myself as an empath.  

I trust there is excellence in everyone and we can uncover the virtue that we have insensibly secretes within ourselves.  I am yearningly waiting for what existence tells for me to unearth.  I am the candle that I search in the gallery I trek.  I have craved for this lantern and like rhythm in waltz time I found it within.

I toiled my course and savoured my own persona.  I attained what I was seeking simply because I encircled myself with the righteous social class as well as with the wrong bunches.

 Why the “wrong bunches?”  The right mankind made me wise and the wrong crowds taught me so well, though I did not became more educated than them, but instead I extended my roots beyond their expectations where they never saw my germination, my green leaves, and my blooms – instead the world who made me wise found out about me and ever since I have remained within the boundaries of my social class.

I have always tried my best to touch the world with my heart. 

Last but not least, I have kept my mistakes whole and unharmed, and that is why I am proud that my story is unbroken, and it is my well-loved wellspring.

And having had three years knowledge of blogging, I will still keep blogging for as long as I can.  Otherwise, “time” will tell!

Well my lovely readers, I hope you are all preparing for the next season.  What’s your  next plan? – let us know!  Wish you all happy days!031

6 thoughts on “I Have Unfolded

  • Your pure desire to inject more beauty in the world and share yourself creatively has no doubt made the years fly. Three years and counting…good for you, good for the blogging world. Please keep going. We need more places (even in the blogosphere) that spread family, love, nature and peace.

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    • of sure Ann, I will keep blogging. you gave me the courage to keep searching for words, make sentences, then paragraphs, then a whole passage emerge. Isn’t that fantastic? Thank you for your great words. I appreciated that so much! You are an angel, keep writing too. Luv ya!


  • A beautiful reflective post, Juli. Our journeys are often ones of mixed blessings, but all those experiences, the good and the bad, the mistakes and the victories lead us to ourselves as we are now. They all shape us. I too see it as an unfolding or blooming, a coming into our own. I’m so glad that when you look back on your story, you see how it made you strong and able the touch the world with your heart. ❤

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    • Thank you Diana for stopping by. I did not realise you left me a wonderful comment until just now. haha, well I am here now. too many things in my thoughts. We all have these kind of “forget about it” days, don’t we? I am so happy to have read from you. I hope your weekend’s been great. The cold weather is saying “hello” isn’t it? I wish you a wonderful week! Take care of yourself and keep warm!

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