“BACKWARD” off we go tonight!

DSC_0007.JPGHere we go, “backward” – but my clock always stay on summer time, and it helps me to be one hour earlier whenever I have an appointment to get myself ready in time.  I never change them, thus mobiles and computers automatically do – technology totally out of my control – well, this is the “modern world” for me! 

Well, some of you may have noticed it, but if you haven’t, I just wanted to let you know that I have opened another page in the top of my blog in the Header Menu called “Badamier and Cannelle.”  So if you have missed it I thought I should give you all a shout. 007I can believe it, it has been already, it is “October,” and almost over.   Time surely flies and the year 2017 has passed us by so quickly, where did all the months go?  Did we see them escaping that fast?  There were things I wanted to do, and since 2017 is nearing the end of 365 days, I did not have the chance to fit them into 2017 yet, well I don’t want to mind, since they will still be done. 

I may be enjoying the autumn season and the trees, leaves and flowers will soon fade and thanksgiving is on the way.  Though most countries in Europe do not celebrate thanksgiving, it is still a day to remember and respect. 209As the seasons change from one to another, the weather gets colder.  Now the time for baking is imminent.  And this year for the winter season, I have made a list of recipes for baking.  And I will fill the house with lots of vegetables since the season for hot soups has arrived.  And keeping a healthy diet is a must!DSC_0003.JPGSince last week, I kept thinking about how good it would be to make something with the coconuts I had in the kitchen, but since I was a bit undecided on what that something might be, I have made a list of what to get and I baked some coconut cookies instead. Shhhhh, I am not a baker and neither a chef, but I love my place in the kitchen.001I am late with my quilting table cover I was making and I left my sewing machine to do something else.  Here it is, the autumn quilt throw is all done and very pretty. 005The cuts are not so much in line with each other, since I did not want to keep cutting the small pieces of fabric I added them the way they were most of them because I did not want to keep cutting or throw some endless pieces away.  And I won’t deny, this is exactly how our old families did long time ago, they only added odd bits and pieces together and they made a beautiful finish.  I suppose I do same with all my left-over fabrics.012And gracefully I found some remnant fabrics – left over from a roll of fabric I bought some years ago for autumn and my customers loved them, the roll was used quickly.  And here I am once more with some pillow cushions and table runner as a set. Since the fabric was not that enough I have added some different pieces of remnant fabrics together and made that lovely pair of “pillow cushions.”  My pillow cushions measures 33 inches length X 21 inches width – quite some very large and long cushions.  So handy to double my bedding pillows every night when I read my book before I fall asleep.  I can’t go wrong with it.  A treat for myself!043.JPGLast but not least, I have gotten an appointment with my local fabric printing company to discuss about my new label name “Badamier & Cannelle” for my home made crafts.  I just cannot wait to meet with them.  So exciting!DSC_0002The weather has gone warm and windy, lucky to be having some good sunny weather, not hot and not cold, we are enjoying the last days of beautiful cool and breezy weather.DSC_0004Well everyone, I hope you have enjoyed reading what is happening at My Country Epoque!  And since I don’t want the cold weather to knock the door, there is nothing I can do about it, I am only looking forward to “winter. “

I wish you all a happy ending of the autumn season.  Cheers to you all!DSC_0008Pictures and words are mine

8 thoughts on ““BACKWARD” off we go tonight!

  • Good morning Lana. yup yup, I went backward last night hahaha LOL – New time New season! oooh, yes that cold weather will soon kick in oh my days! Thank you for your great words about Badamier and Cannelle – I am trying to make things work better, I am working hard at it. so much more to do for next year. I will be extremely busy and I can see that coming. There is another venture coming up, will come to the blog soon. Yes the weather that makes everyone sick, tell me about it. But here is hot in the evening, I open my window and sleep until the wee hours of the morning, I close the windows. Well my Lana, I will love you and leave you. Have a great Sunday!


  • Oh Juli, congratulations on your new endeavor at Badamier and Cannelle! You have such exquisite taste and you will do great with it, I am certain. I love the quilt, it is simply beautiful. I also do not like the time change, that is coming up for us soon. The only good thing is that I don’t have to go to work in the dark, but it becomes night so early. I am also not a fan of winter. Winter comes and goes here. We have what they call “cold fronts” that blast through and drop temperatures rarely more than a week if that long. Then it warms up, then it cools off. Off and on all the time makes everybody sick. Like you, I am always wondering this time of the year where the time went. So many things that I did not get done either and that will probably not get done, sadly…. Happy weekend to you!

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