My adventures with a sewing machine

105I know I am not alone in this experience.  Since the beginning of this year after all the family festivities came to an end, I have been totally at my sewing machine weeks after weeks, months after months and actually I am still sewing non-stop.016.JPGThe 2017 Christmas season is drawing in, I cannot seem to want to believe it, but it is the real truth.  Busy family life and working lifestyle flows on, as it always does and everything else are grandly in place.  And what I like best about writing my blog is that the comprehension of followers do get me well.  I love writing just about anything, but when I do write about my crafting and sewing you all apprehend the jollity.121A lot of us loves to be creative and they tend to want to have a small business or some of them are already having one, but what many of us verily think that there isn’t adequate time to set oneself behind a sewing machine and make enough to sell for a living – in reality this is fact, it is very true.  But in other words if we want to trade behind a sewing machines, it is a job that one will have to prepare themselves long before they start to run such business.117And since the world has started to reminisce its vestige, people have gone back to the roots of loving home-made crafts like our grand-families and great-grand families did many yester-years ago. 

Sewing quilts is the pleasure of my actual living moments.  When I make quilts I reminisce the days of my grandmothers and my mother.  It is like I am adding their centuries old arts to mine.  I am rebuilding their world lost once.  And having never thought that one day I was going to roll into the lost realm of my loved ones, and turned it into a sphere that brightens the beautiful lifestyle I live and reminiscing their vestige is a passion I adore.  My sewing machine and I have become like a marriage and living for creations is me.  I never throw away any pieces of fabrics as you may see below, the strips added together are not the same sizes.  Then on, I use them as they are and I create something that at the end a beautiful creation emerge for myself, for my own home – a treat for not throwing them away.  I feel happy that at least they become a table cover or a throw, or pillow cushions.  127Thereafter weeks and twelvemonths of bits of scraps an accomplishments and entirety unfold.  There are remnants of fabrics, stretches of threads and a share of me in every creation I have made.   I feel like some of me will live on. 128I love going to fabric stores and I love sewing.  And when I walk into some of my favourite fabric stores, I am swamped with choices and I want them all. I touch all the fabrics that are my liking.  I buy them and I sew them all.  It is pure of loving what I do.  My time spent at sewing is where I talk to fabrics and threads, and my hands keep doing the movements, north and south, east and west.  I am moulding something tangible and solid that won’t need to be recast.  Everything appears to be see-through and enthusiastic and I don’t feel uncertain or lack of confidence or discerning opinion.  I can only see the needle filling the fabric with threads and sooner a creative oeuvre surfaces. And I am happy, jubilant and at peace with the finished aspect of my new evolution.  012 F Cropped - 012 C 60 inches length 51 inches width - Fete En Aivergne - GP&J Baker Ltd DesignI like the smell of fabrics and it wrap my thoughts with excitement, achievement and assurance.  Since that some of the bulk of fabrics I purchase gets to linger in the cupboard in my sewing room and when I go back to it after weeks or months, a creative action is very imminent and I enjoy every minute of the pleasure of mending something beautiful. I take the delight in cutting and give them a new life.013 C - 45 inches length 16 inches widthAnd there are remnants that I keep in a basket for a very long time, when I take the toll to clear them, they don’t get thrown away, but they get made into some pretty pieces that I give as gifts for Christmas or birthdays.018 A - AMARYLLIS by John WilmanI spent some of my teenage years learning to sew and embroidering. I grabbed some imperceptible bits of somebody else who taught me all about it, whether she had full or limited knowledge of them, but it was worth it how and what she delivered to me.  Regardless of my sagacity or faux pas I traveled through have come to an end. My youthful years were a transient season only.014 B - 50 inches length 15 inches widthAnd after all, entirely in an unalike how-do-you-do is how to express the love of fabric and sewing to the inexperienced.  It is happiness in your heart, tranquility in your mind and achievement in your hands.  And for some who still wouldn’t understand, it is like having some colouring books and some coloured pencils.  And well, the nature of my work will not fade when the sun set but they will dazzle in both the sunshine and moonlight.  And the depiction that I frame with my two hands may dwell longer than I do.006 E - A Portia Cassis - DesignToday is a cold day and with a cloudy sun in my town.  Since the media is full of “no good news”… I am sharing with you my beautiful crafts because life is great with beautiful things and together we will look at the bright side of life.  It’s been a busy autumn week here in the small corner of my world. It means that everything summer and autumn have now been washed, and put away for next season, most probably will be forgotten for some months.003 D -Peony design by prestigious textilesSo… as we have finally come to the end of autumn,  I shall leave you with some of my traditional Christmas stockings that I have prepared especially for you to give you a hints of what is enfolding over here at mine.  I am busy cutting all the fabrics that have Christmas traditional designs to prepare for the next seasonal activities that are quickly approaching.207Since it is Thursday today, I took a day away from my sewing machine and I‘m going to have an early night tucked in. DSC_0014Well Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you have enjoyed reading my long script in the passage of sewing.   I wish I had some more vibes for you today.  I will be back in a couple of days.  I will love you and leave you!  Cheerio!011 A - 12 pillow cushions Flower Scroll on duck minted green on Jonelle Cotton - CopyWords and pictures are my properties!


13 thoughts on “My adventures with a sewing machine

  • Thoroughly enjoyed your post! I learned to sew as a young child because my mother was a gifted seamstress and worked from home. Her mother was a gifted seamstress as well. I hope to see more of your Christmas themed items on your blog.

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  • How beautiful! The tablecloths are so bright and cheery…making me think of spring. It would be a delight to know those were tucked away to pull out in the spring, just before everything turned vivid green in the world around. I loved the way you described sewing. I did it for so many years, and you hit the nail right on the head. I love to go into a fabric store and see all the vibrant colors and options. My plastic totes prove that! lol And now, thanks to this post, I’m thinking of the chair cushions I could make for my kitchen…because I have the fabric all picked out…of course! Have a great week end!

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    • Thank you Deborah. It is great to learn that you have been sewing for a long time. Isn’t sewing a hobby that you just want to keep going with it every day. I love it, I cannot seem to stay away from my machine. Next year I will start to also work with faded colors too. They seem to be in style so much and people loves them. But I will also work with other colors too. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Juli, these quilts are so beautiful! I know how it is to be a creative person, and I think creative people are the best. When I go into a bead/jewelry store, I feel like you do when you go in a fabric store, ha ha. Yes, it is very true, in the process of you creating your quilts which are works of art, you will live on. A bit of immortality is what we, as creative people, leave behind. You are so talented, Juli, I enjoyed looking at your beautiful creations!

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    • Thank you Lana. You reminded me of my daughter when she was a little girl, she purchased all the beads she could. And I sat with her on the floor and we made bracelets and necklaces together. They were great days. I thought she would continue doing them as she grows up. Now she is adult and she has given up, I understand that we all changed at some stages in life. I cannot wait to see your beaded creations. Hopefully you will post them to the blog soon. Take care now.

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    • don’t say you cannot do it, just start by cutting pieces of fabric and start to learn by yourself. ooh, wait, check on you tube also and you will get some lessons how to make them. easy peasy and you will see yourself doing them. I went to college to study interior decor, and after I graduated, I chose to work with fabrics and I really love it.


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