The City Everyone Wants To Visit – Part One

101Would you visit London in the month of November?

Good evening everyone.   

This past Sunday I took a trip to London.  It was not a trip planned.  Since my daughter needed something to do in London, and she wanted mum to accompany her, I dropped her at the venue where she was to attend some events and then off I went for a tour of London.

It was a Sunday of a great November month.  Throughout the United Kingdom, November is a month of Remembrance since this is the month that they remember those who died in the two World Wars.  Though they celebrate it on the 11th day of the same month, in the United Kingdom the remembrance day does not end on the 11th only.  November is a month which is cloudy and sad for the British and Commonwealth Nation and it has always been and will always be.

Since the clock have now gone backward short cloudy days are imminent and the evenings draw in quickly because the sun sets early.  The weather becomes chilly.  In London, there are no shortages of things to do, or places to go.  Even in the month of November, there are lots of things happening all around London. 

And all the towns starts to buzz with the festive season moods.  Christmas trees and decorations have already been put in place only waiting for the day that the Christmas lights will come on.

Well my lovely readers, come and visit London with me through my pictures and I hope you will have a great time here today!


106108109The green painted Victorian apartment caught my eyes.  The one below is was dark and creepy but the one in the middle had the light on.  Top one with white woodwork has a balcony overlooking the street.  Well it is next to “Queen Mary of Scotland!”110111112The English Double Deckers lights up the city.  They are one  of the most amazing aspects of the City of London and the country.114115116The Building below captured my attention – I admired the art of the Victorian tiling decoration.  It is a very old amazing piece of work!117118Picture below is  the church of “St Dunstan-In-The-West”120122123“The Royal Courts of Justice” is a very massive Victorian building.  It starts from here to the end of the last picture.124125126127128129130

131132133135137138139134Well everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful visit of my tour of London – part one!140All pictures and words are my properties – Thank you!



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