A Christmas Thought

047 AHello my sweet people, I hope you are all doing fine and facing the new season, it is cold isn’t it!  I have been quiet for some days. Well it’s been busy days, and also some days with flu, fever, headaches, that I stayed in bed for two or three days too.  But well the crocodile is here now, standing on my two feet again and with lots of Christmas ideas rolling up and down my brain.005I hope your weekend is going to be a good one.  We have been experiencing some cloudy and shiny weather here.  Since autumn have waved goodbye until next year, and I have enjoyed every day to day of this beautiful and colourful season, I have been counting all the yellow leaves, orange leaves and brown leaves, but I still don’t know how many there were – “laugh.”   Thanksgiving have come and gone.”  What a happy family and friends gathering it has been for many of you out there.  As if I could smell the cooking you planned – yummy.  And plus winter is right here and have brought with it the Christmas season.010Today for instance, I gathered up a few bits with some Christmas flavours and set about creating an arrangement for my old Hong Kong chest.  I only threw in some wild Christmas leaves with red and white arrangements.018It was nice and cool, breezy and a little cold when I went out to get some green leaves for my arrangements.  As I walked down the river, I realised I was kicking the fallen leaves, and trees had already faded, and there I knew, “this is it,” winter has arrived! 007At the midpoint of it all was some burlap jute sack fabric and the candle glass holders. I love the creations that I have made.  I wrapped some clear candle jars with the burlap and I tied some green, white and red ribbons and laces to give them the finished touches.  I lit up the candles and all it created was a very warm evening and a whole lot of new ideas for my old chest. 022I still have some more indoor decorating ideas to do, maybe I will anchor on that in some days to come while the weather outside is cold and inside is warm.  (picture below was Christmas 2014)051 - Copy (2)Well my lovely people, I hope you had a good read and let’s hope your Christmas ideas are in full swing and that your lists are not too long.  Let me wish you some fluffy beautiful days full of pre-Christmas blessings.  Until then, Cheerio!DSCN2709Word and pictures are mine!

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