The Christmas Days are Running Fast

002This morning with my cup of coffee in one hand, I looked out of my window and focused on the trees standing all along the residential neighbourhood.  They have all faded, just standing there, bare and with no leaves or flowers.  I went into a deep thought which brought me to think how strange the seasons are.  Some parts of the world seasons go and seasons come back again.  But in other parts of the world, we can do our gardening and see the beautiful blooms and fruits all year round, how strange, imaginable and unimaginable at the same time this world roams around the orbit of our daily life.   I watched the children passing by on their way to school, all wrapped up cozily for the cold wintry weather, and I thought to myself about how good it is that I work from home, in the warm and feeling wonderful. 055 - used for Christmas 2017 at post - Christmas is Running so FastI haven’t thought of how I am going to decorate this year for Christmas.  But I am deciding that it will be simple, and my list cut short.  I love Baileys, Martinis, and not forgetting some of my favourite French wines “Bourgogne Pinot Noire’Les Pierres Rouges’ Maison Louis Jadot,” “Chateauneuf-du-pape,” and Jurancon Panache is one of my favourite since it is very fruity.  I cannot seem to live without wines.  And my daughter just loves her Christmas mince pies and fruit cakes which some days ago I bought her the fruit cake that she likes.  206I really love this time of year and all its festivities that arrive with it and don’t we all love it?  How joyous it is when we think that we will be seeing some friends and families that we haven’t seen through the year and we just cannot wait for this special day to unfold.

I am busy sewing some traditional decorative pieces for my Christmas decorations and I need the white fillings that are used in cushions.  I need to go buy them since I don’t have them at hand at the moment, I just hate to go out in this cold weather, but it will be worth a day out on the town.  I might do that perhaps on Wednesday when my girl is free since she loves to hop into her favourite pizza place up the hill, she always pull mum with her. Isn’t it nice to have a daughter-mum day out?047 - used for Christmas 2017 at post - Christmas is Running so FastWell guys, I have been talking about a certain book these past weeks or days.  But I still didn’t try to go and get the book because I was caught up with other things.  Some two weeks ago my friend called and she said to me, “fancy a cuppa down town?”  I said ok, we will meet half way, and off I went.  The usual habit when two friends meet, laughs, gossips, families, children, all these sorts of topics, you know it guys haha, plus what’s up for Christmas. 219Then after a few laughs, she pulled something out of her bag, and she said “this is for you.”  I was like, “what the hell did you bring me now?”  She said to me, open it and you will know what it is.  Surely I did open and it was the book of a lifetime that I wanted to read.  Ohhh my days – do you know “LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA? – by GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ?  I was so happy.  I couldn’t find words to say thank you.  And she said to me, “Don’t you say thank you because you helped me so much and I cannot live without you.”  Wasn’t that great to hear?  And I said to her, “how nice it is to have a friend who listened so well and she captures well when her friend talks about something she wants to have ” –  And you went out and got me that book.  And I said to her, “you know what?” “Friends are for small things, nothing more and nothing less.”  She said to me “this is very true.”  This book was published in 1985 and I was still in my early teenage years.  I never heard of the book, until lately, shame!221I started to read my book “Love In The Time of Cholera” already since I want to finish it soon.  I have the “Rose Shield Trilogy” by Diana Wallace Peach to read beginning of 2018 which I have kept to start the year with them since I want to read the whole series one book after the other.   I am also trying to find a few novels written by Ann Fields, which I think they are available in the USA only.  But I will surely find them soon.

Well, now that my book search is over and I think it will be the last book of 2017.  So I am closing my post with this lovely picture of some of my decorations I did in 2015 for Christmas just to capture some moments in the rhythm of family festivities. Christmas 2015 picture - used for - Christmas is Running So Fast - at Christmas 2017 PostI will be back in a few days with more decorating aspects this time – “I hope I will keep my promise.”  Ok my lovelies, wishing you all some great days of Christmas Carols!  See you soon…061Words and pictures are my properties – (All decorative pictures are from Christmas of 2014 and 2015)  Thank you!




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