Christmas Tropical Cuisine – What I am Missing

308I call my father once a fortnight.  Sometime ago when I was talking to him, I mentioned that Christmas is approaching and how much I miss the Christmas tropical dishes that mother made.  And I told him that this year I will go way out to a market where I can collect some of these kinds of food since I want a different taste on my table this Christmas 2017.

Me and my dad lives many miles apart, but our conversation keeps us both up to date of what is happening at his end and mine.  We always talk of his health, what his grandchildren are doing, and he just loves to know what my daughter is doing too  and how she is coping. 

Each time I call him he is happy to hear my daughter’s voice over the phone and she still call her “papa” like me, and not grandad, and I think he is so happy.  They talk about life, her work and her friends. 

Sometimes a bit of the island’s political aspects of the country comes up in between our conversation, but I do keep it low on that topic since at times I feels that telephone calls are being bugged at his end.  And since my dad knows I am a real Democrat for my country and I cannot wait for motherland to turn around and face Democracy at least for a second time since The British left in 1976.  And since then I never saw Democracy in my life until I lived in the United Kingdom.  For now I am content that the Democratic Party is having more seats in the Assembly than the corrupt party and I can see clearly that the clouds over tropical islands are vanishing slowly, slowly, and they are winning all the decisions for the country since they get more votes when deciding upon the concepts of things there.  VICTORY soon!

The last time I talked to him, he asked me what I will cook for Christmas.  I said to him I am going to buy the Red Snapper to grill it mum’s way and some octopus for some coconut curry that will match with basmati rice, and he laughed when I said that to him, and I also told him how they sell curry leaves and cinnamon leaves there on the market for that great coconut curry.  I said “real papa, this Christmas my dining table is going to be tropical.”   

And my daughter has asked me to do her grandma’s potato salad, and to do it from grandma’s recipe please.  I cannot let my girl down this Christmas, Can I?  I just cannot wait for that day to unfold and I am craving for this speciality.  My menu is already written – ooh my days!

And after all, it was a lovely conversation between father and daughter.  And what I love best is that our conversations will stay forever.

Well guys, you are all invited for Christmas, just don’t delay!307Is it really Christmas after all??  Well my lovely people, I have made some traditional decorative crafts  for my home and  which I am hoping you will love them too. 302I have tried to make them look shabby and vintage looking.  It does take quite a long time to do them and concentration is a must.  I enjoyed doing them as well as showing them to you.305I cannot wait to hang them in my Christmas tree which I am going to put it up tonight or tomorrow.  Pictures will follow in another post for my 2017 decorations and so tuned in. 

Christmas Cards

Yesterday I went through our Christmas box and I found some Christmas cards that we received from previous Christmases.  I sat down and started to read all of them.  How cheerful, lovely, and sad at the same time to go back on those years and think of a lot of people that I have met and some of them have left.  Many are miles away, and their life has changed.  And plus those who have gone to rest, their memories still lingers in my Christmas trunk year after year.   I read the last Christmas card my lovely friend “Marion” gave me the last Christmas she was around and it’s been almost two years since she departed, uhh life is hard.  And plus one of my greatest and most wonderful neighbour I ever had, she was like a second mother to me, I had her in my life for over 15 years, her Christmas cards are what I read year after year and they will remain for the rest of my days – I have 15 Christmas cards from her.  I can imagine how many years we waited for great people to walk into our life and how quick they leave.  Well, to me, Christmas is not only about the friends or families that will cheer us on this special festive season, but also is about those who were once here with us, and they will never be again, or those who have left and they are far away, and we only think that hopefully one day we will toast our glasses once again.  And although we say that “life is a journey,” Christmas is like birthdays, they accompany us on this journey year after year.301Well my lovely readers, I hope you have had a great read and I hope your days are cheery with all the flavours of Christmas in them.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend!  Keep warm with Hot Chocolate, socks and books!  Cheerio!

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