The Artistic Month is Over

DSC_0008The end of December has anchored itself as having been the most skillful artist of the season, when the sky builds dark grey clouds, the trees are naked, dark and cold, the leaves are dead rotten and smelly, the Christmas trees were rustic and colourful  – what a name better than December being the “artist of the cold season.”   How I love all these kinds of arts, and although I am not a professional photographer, I fought my experiences through the lenses of my camera to capture the glimpse of all these artistic works that comes within the days of the cold season.  I like to inhale the fresh air of the naked trees standing cold and lonely. I think they are a beautiful art that a lot of us don’t think of at such time of the season.

A lot of places in our world do not embrace such seasons of arts, and we should know that we are blessed to live in a part of the world where different seasons offers us beauties of unbelievable imaginations.  We do not only live with them, we breath them and we sink into them.

And this dark cloudy season refines my reflection and I savoured the natural beauty that offers me the pace of purity living

DSC_0006I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas!

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