Creative Risk

cropped-011-a-12-pillow-cushions-flower-scroll-on-duck-minted-green-on-jonelle-cotton-copy007Creative risk

She feels on top of the world

Is risk a healer?

 A theme perhaps?

A ticket in place

The sky awaits her senses

venture beyond oceans

uncertainty beyond territories

A creative risk

The face in the reflection

Aware of consequences

A wish to find designs

An aspiration to invent her collections

Creative risk

 sunshine through her window

who does she listen to?

Wander, try, courage, self?

Who does she bring with her?

brain, hope, herself, the flow?

Creative risk

An image she painted

Sketches blossomed by herself

A voice, an inspiration, an art of living

Creative risk

The Girl in the image

her design, her make, her name

printed, signed, sealed, delivered

Creative risk

Is the girl who took chances001004Well my lovelies,  I hope that you are all settled back into your usual ways now that the family festivities are over.  Been thinking of you all.  And it is going to be a tough busy year for mine. 

I just want to wish you all a lovely weekend with plenty of rest!  See you soon!


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