My 2018 is taking its toll

6FAE169D-3ADC-435A-A675-05C555A5FE24Good morning everybody.  It has been days that I did not make a post,  I am here today, and it won’t be a long post.

I arrived in France a week ago today.   I have been busy so much and not even my camera has not gotten a chance to do some work, please bear with me.  But I think I have found some good spots to capture some good pictures which I will share with you in the days coming.  D005FC59-2833-42D1-99AA-AB7D344627316146ABC1-FB91-4A21-BD25-1DB1980ADC8FWell my 2018 is so busy actualy.  And guess what??? I even forgot my winter coat at home.  As I was half way between home and airport I realised my coat wasn’t at all with me, and I continued the way.  But to be the month of January overhere, it is absolutely a beautiful weather.  I am only wearing like two layers and a thick fleece, “I go girl!” I found the weather to be very timid compared to the London weather.  I am absolutely loving it.

Well guys, before I penn off, I just want to tell you that I am doing what needs to be done, and also enjoying a bit of here and there in my busy schedule.  Hang in there, pictures will come soon.  BDC932A6-B231-46FB-84AA-847E77CC31BCBut as you may see in the pictures I managed to take from the garden where I live, the daffodils are already nearly to bloom, it is announcing an early Spring.  Isn’t that fantastic?  (Sorry that my pictures are not too good since I took them pics with my ipad and since I cannot download pictures from my camera to ipad, I am about to buy a laptop to enable more things to be done).  I just hope you will enjoy the pictures.

I have been thinking of you all!  Have a wonderful week!  Love you and leave you!684D33E3-2E97-4129-BDFB-C4F61F765992Pictures and words are mine.

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