What it means to me!

Valentine’s Day – It Changed my life forever 12 years ago!DSCN0856It is acclaimed to be the most romantic day of the year – and why?

And many of us use it as a latitude to show affection, tenderness, closeness for our loved ones by showing up with flowers, cards and or chocolates.

Valentine’s Day has always been a normal day for me from the beginning of my love life.  I have never made it or accepted it as an important or the most romantic day of the year.  There are 365 days in a year, I believe that each day of the year should be a day to love, to give flowers, to buy chocolates and to remember our loved ones romantically and or lovingly.

But there came a Valentine’s day that changed my life forever.  My mother was called home on 8th February 2006.  And whilst taking the days to prepare her for a wonderful funeral, my father decided he will take mum to her resting place on 14th February and we all agreed to his decision.  And since that day, 14th February 2006 was a day that changed my life forever.  

Since then, every Valentine’s day has been a day that brings to me a reflection upon a woman who gave me birth, who grew me up in the most wonderful and respective manner a mother would want to see her daughter become that person she wants to see one day in her eyes.  Valentines Day is a day that I remember my mum, I think of all the days I had with her, what she did for me and how she did it.  It is a day that I see her past life and how great it was having her as my mother for many years.  

And today whilst every lovers cheers each other with love and tenderness, I on my part, I thank my mum for the beautiful life she gave to me and for the woman I have become.RED ROSES

And I just want to wish my followers and the world a Wonderful Valentine’s Day and may all the love you shower today, will keep growing day after day.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone!178 A - Size 10 - Miss SelfridgePictures and words are my properties

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