Priest, Member of Parliament – who Left Behind A Cause for Humanity

002.JPG“Emmaus” shop is a gateway for second hand bargains in France.

It is a charity with a difference. Emmaus is a “Noah of the Ark,” they are there in all weathers for the people who are homeless.  They are the biggest shelter in the world.

They provide shades, in other words, a home for as long as those who needs it, in any Emmaus community. And this vouch-safe the people the scopes to repair their lifestyle, explore their problems that pulls them to their circumstances they were in, and commonly reconnect with families and their loved ones.  

History of EmmausABBE PIERRE- 1999

Father Henri-Antoine known as “Abbé Pierre,” was the priest who started the foundation of “Emmaus” in 1949.  Having been an MP at that time, he fought the battle to accommodate homelessness in Paris.

Abbé Pierre also hired a first Emmaus aide, a forgone convict named Georges who had attempted suicide in the Seine.  George was Abbie’s helper who built impermanent homes in the priest’s own garden for the homeless.  Any land they could acquire, they built homes for the needy.

When he left parliament in 1951, Abbé Pierre devoted himself to the homeless end.  He fought a battle to pay Georges and the Emmaus Community.  The priest was rejected by his church for begging at restaurants.  So he organised “rag pickers” to collect unwanted things for resale.  This is how the basis of Emmaus Communities were formed to raise funds to help others.

The year 1954 saw one of the most savaged winter that brought a number of deaths among the homeless people.  Abbé Pierre appealed through the media, “newspapers and radio” for donations.  The French nation responded and Emmaus grew from a national charity to an international one.  

This name Emmaus come from a bible story.  It was the town in which Jesus was resurrected according to the gospel of Luke, at which the bible verse is defined as “offering hope.”  Therefore Abbé Pierre expressed the Emmaus Charity and its community as the hope for hereafter.  However it appears biblical, Emmaus is not a devout organisation.  The name is an illustration of hope.

Emmaus has expanded its wings around the world, North, South, East, and West. 

And by 2014 there were 336 Emmaus organisations in 37 countries.

Abbé Pierre was born on 5 August 1912, Lyon, France and passed away on the 22 January 2007, in Paris, France at the grand age of 95 years old.

And herewith today, please find below pictures of one of the Emmaus Charity shops I visited some time ago in the province of Poitou Charente in the Nouvelle Aquitaine in France.DSC_0176





DSC_0201DSC_0200DSC_0199DSC_0198DSC_0196DSC_0195DSC_0194DSC_0193DSC_0192DSC_0190DSC_0188DSC_0187DSC_0186DSC_0185DSC_0184DSC_0183DSC_0182DSC_0181DSC_0179DSC_0178DSC_0177DSC_0175Good morning everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!  I hope you have enjoyed my post as much as I have enjoyed writing it and detailing it to the best of how I have understood the story and history of the “Emmaus Charity” who has and is still making a big difference in the lives of the homeless and needy in this world.

Pictures are my own – “sauf” the white and black picture of “Abbé Pierre” that I managed to copy from Wikipedia.

Thank you for reading!


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