First Taste of Spring 2018

DSC_0012Good evening everybody!  I am sure that you have had a beautiful Sunday!  And here I am always excited to welcome spring!DSC_0027It wasn’t that much of a beautiful day.  The rain had stopped, it was wet and damp.  But the weather was very cool, not wintry cold but very pleasant.   I went out for a walk in the fresh morning of the day. DSC_0046DSC_0002I realised that we are late for the blooms of spring this year, it has been snowing a lot and probably that’s what kept the blooms from coming out early this year.  But still we know that it is spring, and more beautiful flowers will be blooming soon.DSC_0051DSC_0050I am sharing with you some spring blooms that have already shown up at my side of the world.DSC_0016DSC_0042DSC_0045I never leave old stone wall alone, I always put them in pictures and I adore the green plants climbing on them too.  They are very beautiful to look at and they came out as pretty in the pictures as they are naturally on the wall.   DSC_0013DSC_0014DSC_0006DSC_0005DSC_0004Like every beginning of spring our typical daffodils and tulips are a must!  We all love them, don’t we? DSC_0024Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I will love you and leave you with some beautiful Magnolia blooms.   I wish you all a wonderful week with lots of sunshine!DSC_0030Pictures and words are mine


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