My Spring is a Poem

Long before lilacs fill the basket

Birds of spring a must sing

A visit at the window is the song you wake up to.

Above the smell of rotten woods

Your forests spread brightly its carpets of bluebells,

The trees drips its spring waters of the fresh cold rain

From winter‘s snow to rainy drops

And the feathered visitors partied on its branches

When its green leaves starts to show

Announcing warm days for the tweeters.

Your dawn of spring is beautiful, healthy and fresh,

Rain today, sun tomorrow, cloudy the next day.

A season that brings all the sentiments 

of wedding bells and a bouquet of peonies

And daffodils fill the air with smiles of yellows.

Butterflies and bees come out to play

And honey will be as sweet as the smells that we breathe.

Caterpillars spin leaves to sleep in

Hoppity the big pretty eyed Frog jumps here and there

Watching our steps in the dew wet smelly grasses.

Oh spring, are your stormy nights well-wishers?

Your windowsill overlooks a fresher scene of

 March and Lilacs, daffodils, frogs and tweeters.

A tired winter wake-up call

Open the buds.. a path, a bee’s been waiting for and

Your definitions are petals of fragrance

Escaped from the sorcerers land of winter.

Your showers in the name of April

Your garden in the name of May

Be still in your own season

For summer will lift you up and make you rest!


Hello everyone, you may have noticed that my blog has gone a bit quiet.  Well it is not that I do not want to blog, I am going through some days of my life, but everything is ok and nothing special going on, just the usual bustles of life, and I am taking one day at a time.   If you do not find a post from me, just bear with me, I am here and I will surely post something.  I wish you a beautiful weekend!

Please if you want to use my poem, do so by using it together with my link.  Thank you!





6 thoughts on “My Spring is a Poem

    • ooh I must say we think alike. I always say that I will plant lots of Lilac trees, and plus they make shades in summer cause they spread their branches. And you can just put your archair in the shade, with a cold summer drink and read a book or magazine, nothing in life could be better. Thank you for visiting, it was great reading from you.


  • I love your spring poem, Juli. So much beautiful imagery here that captures the essence of spring: lilacs, open windows, bird songs, lush forests, wedding bells, carpets of bluebells, peonies. I think my favorite thing though is the “big pretty eyed frog.” I can see all this in my mind’s eye. I hope you take some time between the daily bustle and demands of life to breathe in the glorious blessings of nature and calmness. Packing up and change is never easy, I’m thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and well wishes your way!

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    • Hello Lana, thank you so much for your comment, and I am late in response. I hope summer is beautiful at your end and that you are enjoying the best of the sunshine. Here is the weather is beautiful with a bank holiday weekend. Take care of yourself.


  • What a lovely poem, Juli. You describe the beauty of spring, but also the beauty that you surround yourself with in your home, garden, and creations. Wishing you moments of calm peacefulness between the bustle of your days.

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