A Backstreet Journey

May is a jollity month with spring in full swing and after all many trees have bloomed their fluffy flowers which have already faded but the trees remain green and pretty. DSC_0130Then throw in the royal wedding as soon as tomorrow.  Many fans would be camping in the small town of Windsor closer to the parade where the couple will ride along the streets after their ceremony.But here I am not in the mood of a royal wedding, but more in the flavours of welcoming a bright and sunny summer. DSC_0121Being back in London where my daughter lives, I visited our family surgery and after the visit, I was to go to the pharmacy for the medication.  And since my doctor’s appointment was at 5.00 pm, all other pharmacies on the town would have been closed by then.  There was only one pharmacy that remains open until 10 pm.  Our home is between the surgery and the pharmacy.  The surgery is up the road, and the pharmacy is down the road. DSC_0125I never seized to take my camera with me whenever I go out.  On the way to the pharmacy, I decided to take a back street walk.  And that is how I am bringing you all the beautiful pictures of blooms I came across on my way. 

I believe that not all journeys done by car, bus, trains, planes or ships could read a happy ending.  A trail journey by foot can become a memory to cherish.  And my little journey brought me through small alleys and paths that I had never been and I never knew all those years I lived in my little town.  I got lost in the back streets of my own town, and did not realise I have passed the pharmacy, since the alleys had beautiful homes with summer trees and blooms all along the way, and my camera and myself were both busy.  I became so curious because I came across some paths that crosses into another, and the more I followed the leads, I found blooming trees, I became more interested in my camera than finding my way to get some medicine.DSC_0113After I came to my senses, I did not know where I was and I knew I was kind of lost the way, I did not know that part of my town at all since I was in a residential area away from the main road.  Aww, the sooner I realised that I got lost I laughed at myself.  I walked back following one path to another and on my way, I saw a church I know in the distance over the road from the alley way.  I was like hmmm, this church is on the other side of the road from the pharmacy, all I did was walk to the main road, and I suddenly found myself at the pharmacy, what a relief.DSC_0093In life we say, travel the world, get lost in a city that you don’t know your way around, but for me it was different, I got lost in a town I knew for over 20 years, but I still got lost in a part of my town that I had never been, and I am still loving that day and the walk of a lifetime – I will always remember. DSC_0105Well Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as I have enjoyed catching a glimpse of them.

I wish you all a Happy Royal Wedding Weekend!  



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