DSC_0020Since I’m starting to feel like summer is going to stay forever, I figured it was time to bring a little bit of what is happening around. DSC_0021As you may know that I love my camera and my wanderer lifestyle will never cease to stop.  I went out the other day and I captured some good pictures of climbing foliage.  Since I am a fan of old walls and old fences, I thought that making a post about climbing foliage will define a bit of my photography lifestyle of me and my camera.DSC_0080It is great that summer finally arrived and the vines and flowering plants are now climbing walls, shutters and fences.  From the garden at home to the old church walls, or the old fences by the country lane and so many places are accompanying the greens that are spreading their proud beauty.DSC_0103Not only that climbing foliage are beautiful, many of them comes with absolutely beautiful scents such as the wisterias that fills the air with its heavenly scents and the smell is absolutely gorgeous.DSC_0093Climbing plants and wall shrubs unsightly features arches, pillars, trees and they conquer as much spaces as they can.  Roses are another type of climbers and some of them do not need tendency to climb and they self-cling without requiring tying-in to supports.  With specific pruning they can be tamed and trained to grow against walls.DSC_0359009DSC_0069Some of them if left alone will grow into bushes but they still bring an exciting dimension to the garden or the wilderness where they are growing.  Climbers are very useful for some unsightly walls and boring fences.DSC_0118Virginia creepers are like beasts that swallows the walls of homes like a jungle.  If it is carefully planted it can be a beautiful presence but also destructive.  Whenever I see Virginia creepers, it reminded me of the “tropical money plants” that my grandmother planted round the large roots of a fruit tree on the side of her house.  But without knowing, the money plants took control of the whole tree and it was absolutely beautiful and amazing.  And the money plant grew stretching from the tree to the bottom of the tree.  If only those days I was a “Tarzan girl,”  I would swing from one end of the garden to the other.DSC_0006Arches and/or arbors

These plants know how to make their entrance.  After it has surrounded this arch way, it will turn it into a grand entrance.DSC_0071

DSC_0063 (2)There are many species of trees that are heavy climbers. They extend their branches quickly and they conquer walls with a lavish beauty that only the wall could be of tolerance.  This tree captured my imagination and its large leaves spread beauty that can be seen from a distance.DSC_0062It seems like there is so much to learn about climbing foliage and I cannot seem to make it sink into my head quickly enough.   When you take care of the ivy one must always take care of the work if you are trimming them.  Make sure that if there are any bird nesting, you know it is an offence under the wildlife and countryside act to damage or destroy the nest of wild birds while they are building or using their nest.  But surely I love keeping the nests where they are and I love checking on the baby birds and mother.  I have found many nesting in the ivy at countless seasons. DSC_0065


DSC_0059There are evergreens that do not climb, but they make beautiful gardens green, fresh and beautiful.  Those are the pictures of the garden in the summer season where the beautiful green foliage, small and large leaves are happy and live for the summer season. (As per picture above and below)DSC_0050Home and Climbers

Here I am sharing pictures of a few homes and evergreen climbers.  Many of the climbers are said they can damage buildings, but they are absolutely beautiful too.  The more they love the homes the homes love them too.DSC_0165DSC_0133DSC_0129DSC_0128DSC_0132DSC_0131DSC_0120DSC_0070DSC_0014DSC_0005DSC_0067Besides everything, I have just been busy with life over the last few months and I’ve been feeling like I lost a bit of time to blog and communicate with my fellow bloggers.  I am trying to make up this lost time while I am still changing my blog. DSC_0058I hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as I have enjoyed making them.  Hey, I am the most unprofessional and infamous photographer in the world and you know what… being a wanderer life is just amazing!DSC_0063Well my lovelies, I suppose that’s all for today and I wish you a wonderful week with some beautiful sunshiny days and plenty of fresh homemade drinks!  Cheerio!  DSC_0076The post and pictures originally belongs to me!



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